Vegas Anyone?

Posted by bridalbuds on Apr 18, 2011

Elope.  The wonderfully simple and delightfully complex word. How I love thee.

The Cymbies are under the 75 day mark. One would think that I would be super excited. Sadly, I’m simply tired. I’m sick and tired of weddings and all things associated! Is that wrong? For this very reason is why I have been taking an extended siesta from the Garden. I’m sick of making decisions about things that never interested me and tired of writing checks and swiping my credit card.

According to my married friends, every bride to be hits this point at some time during her engagement. Mine hit and while I am still trucking along with wedding plans, I have been avoiding wedding things, such as wedding blogs, tv shows, and magazines. I simply want June 26th to get here. Yes I meant to put one day after my wedding day. I just want to be married already.

Now for the encouraging part of this message. According to my married friends, once your wedding day arrives, its all worth it. Or so I’m assured. I keep thinking that the glitter and lights of Vegas are calling my name.

Any suggestions for overcoming the wedding planning blues (besides hang in there)?