DIY: Tissue Paper Pomanders

Posted by bridalbuds on Jan 10, 2009

As I’ve been thinking about the ceremony decorations, I knew I wanted to keep it fairly simple (and fairly inexpensive!) since the whole thing will really only last less than 30  minutes. My ceremony will be outdoors so the natural surroundings are already beautiful, but I wanted a little something more along the aisle. I instantly fell in love with images of pomanders hanging from the end chairs. In case anyone doesn’t know, a pomander is just a word for a ball made of flowers.

Photo from

Photo from

After doing some research, I realized that these pomander’s take a lot of flowers to really make them look nice and have an impact. I got several estimates and they were ranging from $80-$150 per ball depending on the size and flowers that you wanted. Multiply that by 10 rows of chairs and it gets a bit pricey.

Enter tissue paper…yes, I said tissue paper :). I searched around on crafts and found a wonderful idea around making flowers out of tissue paper. Although it’s a bit time consuming, it’s quite easy and fun! Here’s what I did.

I bought bulk of tissue paper from wholesale sellers. You can easily get it for cheap elsewhere, but I knew I needed a lot. I cut them up into small squares. From there, you stack several layers of paper fold it in a fan like manner. Then tie the center with some wire. I bought a bag of wire ties from saveoncrafts (that’s the silver thing on top of the paper).

I then cut each end in a round shape. You can cut it in different ways depending on the look you want. After that, you start pulling the layers of paper one by one like an onion but towards the center. Before you know it you will have a flowers like the one below.

I then stuck these flowers using the wire part into 5″ styrofoam balls.

Once you have it all filled, you will have a beautiful pomander that you can attach a ribbon to and hang it from chairs, railings, or anything you really want to. They can also be reused at the reception as center pieces.

Again, it takes some time, but it’s actually quite stress relieving and is something fun to do while watching TV. Plus it’s a huge cost savings… I would estimate that it cost me less than $80 for the project and I have over 10 pomanders and leftover materials.