The Wedding Jacket: To Do OR Not To Do?

Posted by cfalk on Aug 12, 2011

I once worked as a wedding coordinator in a Catholic church and would see many brides battle the question of whether they need to cover their shoulders during the church ceremony. Honestly, it didn’t really matter one way or another but the ones who decided to put on a little jacket, more often times than not, really enhanced their entire look. The great thing about wearing some type of cardigan/shrug is that you can wear it during the ceremony and at the reception take it off as a sort of modified outfit change. Of course, a wedding jacket doesn’t only have to be used in a church setting, they can be gorgeous anywhere… They can also be nice if it is a bit chillier or if you need to cover up anything you want hidden (ie: tattoos that you are hiding from your grandma). The bottom line is that everyone doesn’t need a wedding jacket but if you are thinking about having one, know that they can look stunning and they don’t have to take away from your dress. Make sure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing – you should not only look but feel beautiful on your wedding day!

BHLDN Primrose Bolero

Temperley London, Selena Shrug

BHLDN Watercourse Jacket

BHLDN Hambleton Cardian

Ports 1961, Embellished Capelet