The Perfect Dress for UNDER $500!

Posted by cfalk on Apr 15, 2011

The Katherine Bridal Gown

If you have ever watched shows like “Say Yes to the Dress,” or flipped through high fashion bridal magazines, you know that wedding dresses can be thousands of dollars. However, the average bride does not have thousands to spend on a dress that she will wear for only one day in her life (a very important day, but still ONE day).  In fact, many of the dresses on those shows, and in the magazines, are the cost of most brides’ entire wedding budget. If you are on a smaller or average wedding budget, don’t start panicking and taking out loans for your dress. There are many, many beautiful dresses for under $500.00 and a lot of them can be found right in your local department store or online. If you fear that people are going to find out  how much you spent on your dress or who the designer was, guess what? They won’t! Most people are not aware of wedding dress styles – They may have a general idea of what is trendy overall but trends take a few years to rollover in the wedding world so even if you are wearing a dress from two seasons ago, chances are no one will know the difference. Many wedding blogs and websites now provide a “Buy and Sell” service for new brides and past brides to sell and/or puchase used wedding gowns and decor. If you don’t mind wearing a used dress, you may want to browse some of these sites for good deals on dresses. For those who really aren’t fond of wearing someone else’s dress, check out retailers like J. Crew, Bloomingdale’s, White House Black Market and Nordstrom for beautiful and classic dresses at a great price.

The Grace Bridal Gown

Silk Strapless Rosette Gown

Chiffon Gown with Jeweled Center

Silk Belted Open Back Gown

Metallic Silk Jacquard Beaded Gown (Back)

Metallic Silk Jacquard Beaded Gown (Front)

Cascading Ruffle Gown (Back)

Cascading Ruffle Gown (Front)

All Dresses Pictured are Under $500!