The Marriage of the Popular and the Unique

Posted by rhalpern on Feb 22, 2012

When I ask my Vintage&Lace brides to describe what they envision for their wedding, one of the most frequent requests I receive is: “I want my wedding to be unique.”

Like most brides, I cherish the different and celebrate anything rare – especially in people, fashion, and weddings. However, some elements I love are also very popular and commonly featured in weddings. Does that mean I avoid these items altogether?  Not at all!  I believe popular and unique are not mutually exclusive terms but can marry the best of both words.

I’ll use the oh-so-popular wedding flower, the orchid, as an example:

Orchids are one of the most requested wedding flowers, especially in tropical Hawaii! One might think the frequent use of this flower would be monotonous but it is quite the opposite. There are so many varieties of orchids (as highlighted in Orchids Orchids Orchids) and even the same orchid can look very different when paired with varying flowers, colors, and textures.

To demonstrate this diversity, all of the wedding bouquets shown here contain orchids yet are strikingly different in style and form.

My point: do not be discouraged away from something you love just because it is popular. It doesn’t matter if your sister, your best friend or even your archenemy already used something you like at their wedding; don’t be shy about using the same thing if it is something you’ve always wanted for your own big day.

Just as no two bouquets are ever the same, no two brides are either. If you choose something popular or already done by someone in your circle, it’s ok! You will make it your own and it will be unique to you.