The 6 Stages Of Being Proposed To

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 12, 2016

When it comes to proposals, there can be a lot of reactions in a short amount of time. Check out these six stages of being proposed to and see if you can relate!

Stage One:

Complete shock. You had no idea that casual stroll through the park or dinner at your favorite restaurant was going to end with a proposal.


Stage Two:

You are trying your very best to keep it together. Your S.O. is on one knee and you know the waterworks are coming.

Stage Three:

Excitement takes over and you can’t keep your answer in any longer! You want everyone to know you #justsaidyes!

Stage Four:

You put the ring on and are so thankful your best friend convinced you to get that last minute manicure. Because, let’s be honest your engagement ring looks amazing on your freshly polished finger!

Stage Five:

You want to immediately share the moment on social media, but it takes a few tries to get that selfie right…

Stage Six:

You are ready to show off your new bling in person. Luckily friends and family are expecting a call!


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