Tea Party Bridal Shower!

Posted by morningglory on Feb 04, 2013

Apple Bud inspired me to do a post on my bridal shower. I had mine back in August and loved everything about it. Themes are my favorite and my bridesmaids mostly kept it a secret from me what the theme would be!

Personally made "Ms. to Mrs." sign by my bridesmaids!

They sent me the invitation, which should have given me a clue. Here’s what I got in the mail!

I just figured since I was into mason jars (see my favors with the ‘Kerr’ jars!) that they just knew I would love the invitation. Well, my mother-in-law said to me “I see the girls are throwing you a tea party!” and I laughed and thought the idea was silly of having an actual tea party with tea cups and all (not putting two and two together). Little did I know, when I showed up it was indeed a tea party, but in the southern sense! I am so obsessed with the southern lifestyle, and the whole theme was perfect. My girls know me too well!

They also included a recipe card in each invitation for the guests to bring to my shower and almost everyone brought a recipe from their own kitchen! I have made a few of the recipes already, and its only been a few months. Let’s just say I loved this because although I’m not a bad cook, I was uninspired and getting these recipes, along with the recipe box made by one of my bridesmaids and 6 giant cookbooks from my Aunt, was just the thing I needed to inspire me!

Here are the rest of the pictures of the setup!

Tea and Lemonade with fresh fruit and individual "syrups" to add to your mixture! And those straws, How cute!

Yes, a cake pop table!

Cake pops attached with Tea bags made by my bridesmaids!

Other than the rainy day, everything turned out great. I have to admit, my second favorite thing about my bridal shower was the cake pops 🙂