How Are You Getting In Shape?

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 23, 2013

Photo: The Nichols

All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. That’s why many brides are serious about getting in shape and striking a balance between eating healthy and exercising beforehand. Don’t let working out become an added stress on top of all the wedding planning though. Take into consideration your height, weight (don’t let the scale scare you) and level of activity before you set your goals. Be realistic. It doesn’t mean you should purchase your wedding gown four sizes smaller in hopes of losing all that weight. What if you don’t? Getting in shape before your wedding means you will need to make effective not dramatic changes to your lifestyle, and remember, it’s okay to reward yourself. Of course, with non-food treats like a manicure, pedicure or massage. The best side effect of getting in shape, you may ask? All the energy you will have to dance the night away at your reception.

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How are you getting in shape?

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Joe Fornabaio for The New York Times

At 8:46 this past Wednesday morning, I was well into my daily yoga routine at the Houstonian in Houston, Texas, and far, far away from the fax, computer and iPhone email, and quite deep into a twist that had taken me perpendicular to the floor. I listened for further direction from Rie Congelio, my blithe and breezy “Yoga Body” instructor.

Actually, in the last four years of yoga practice, Rie had said many instructional and inspirational things in her class, yet in the next few seconds she would utter one word that would possibly influence thousands of WeddingWire brides, not to mention change lives, bodies, minds.

So, I listened and over my measured inhale, I heard: “Your next move will be counterintutive.” Say no more. Get me out of here, I have a message for my brides. I packed up my Manduka professional mat and rolled out.

“Counterintutive,” became my mantra. Listen, yoga, at its heart, is about the balance of opposites. The balance in Life. The juxtaposition of Ying and Yang; breath in, breath out. So for brides, who are on what seems a non-stop, life altering twelve month marathon to the alter, or Cabos, the opposite life approach in life would be most welcomed.