Kelly & Andrew

June 1

Fairfield, Connecticut


Q & A with the Bride:

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

Burr Homestead is a charming, sun-filled historic house (John Hancock got married there!) with majestic columns on the front porch, thick wooden floors panels, three fireplaces, and a festive mural. And the outside of the house was exactly what we wanted. It had a brick entry with green hedges, large side lawns with enormous oak trees, and a colorful garden with a pond in the back. It was a blank canvas for us to mold into the fun, backyard wedding that we wanted.

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

1. Two food trucks! We were so thrilled to have Caseus Cheese Truck (from New Haven) and Luke’s Lobster Roll (from NYC) come to Fairfield for the cocktail hour. Lobster rolls are one of my favorite foods, and they were a big hit along with the gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches!

2. Our wedding planner (Michelle Neff of Dreaming Tree Events) decorated the outside of the house with vintage pieces of furniture, yard games (custom-made bags and bocce) and Chinese lanterns. The lanterns, which were hung in the trees, reflected the afternoon spring light. I could not have imagined it would look so warm and inviting.

3. Family and friends are really important to us, and we wanted to incorporate their pictures inside the house. It took us a while to pick the ones we wanted to highlight but loved that we could include pictures of almost everyone at our wedding.

 3. Give us the one moment in your wedding you can’t stop thinking about.

We had an incredibly hard time choosing our first dance song, but the one song we immediately agreed on was for the cake cutting. I don’t know why, but “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show seemed like the most perfect song to play at that point in the night. The song meant so much to us, and we jumped right on the dance floor after we cut the cake. No one was paying too much attention to us at that point, and we really had a moment to ourselves singing and slow dancing to the song that really felt like “our” song.


Pick a Color…

Posted by daisy on Apr 18, 2012

One of the first questions you get asked when your wedding comes up is “What are your colors?” I have to say, I can now answer that question, but that was not the case at first. I knew I could at least eliminate the colors I would NOT be using. So immediately purple, and pink were eliminated. No offense to the purple/pink lovers out there, but I guess I have never been that girl. I’m pretty sure it all stemmed from having a mauve carpet in my bedroom for 12 years of my life. Green was in the running for a while, but then I decided if I was going to have a wedding outside, I didn’t want my main color to be the color of grass. After all, you wouldn’t want the bridesmaids to go missing!

For awhile I was very set on navy blue and yellow. I really liked the “pop.” But as I day-dreamed, and pinned, and drooled over weddings that weren’t mine, I realized more and more that I loved pastels. The world looks so much more like a fairy tale in pastel. As I looked over my myriad of inspiration boards on Pinterest, I realized I did not want a navy blue and yellow wedding. I wanted a light blue and yellow wedding…with other pastels thrown in for accents. I think what finally settled it was this pattern:

Regardless of where you live and where you will be married, the food, will undoubtedly be  one of the focus points for you and your guest.

New Jersey’s has always stood up to its reputation of having excellent dining experiences, from every corner of the planet.  As a cultural melting pot, New Jersey offers some of the finest restaurants in the country.

Inspiration Board: Yellow and Red

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 21, 2010

wedding-inspirationboard-red and yellow

Inspiration Board: Blue and Yellow

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 19, 2010

wedding-inspirationboard-blue and yellow