From the Photographer: 

“The [style shoot] was based on a real couple, Hilary and Paul, who wanted to bring to life their version of the famous founding couple, John and Abigail Adams. ‘The Adams’ relationship is an inspiration and John Adams’ core values and morals were way beyond his time. We admired their relationship so much we used one of their [estimated 12,000] love letters as a reading in our wedding ceremony,’ said Hilary. It was well known that Mr. and Mrs. Adams were avid letter writers, so we decided to incorporate the theme of love letters into the [style shoot] as well. Our calligrapher, also a bit of a history buff it would seem, went online and found us Abigail Adams stamps for the invitation suite and even researched the address at which Abigail had been living before her marriage to use on the RSVP cards. While John was in office many people called the couple ‘Mr. President’ and ‘Mrs. President,’ so we made some mugs with those titles on the side.'” —Mollie Tobias Photography

Holiday-Inspired Ranch Wedding Style Shoot in Arkansas

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 21, 2012

Tis the season–the holidays are finally here! Before you start planning and prepping, become inspired by this styled shoot full of rustic red decor, lit lanterns, snow and a warm cup of hot cocoa topped with whipped cream.