How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake Topper

Posted by csancho on Mar 19, 2014

How to Choose Between Contemporary, Novelty, and Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers

When choosing your wedding cake design, you are going to have to take into consideration that wedding cake topper. Of course, you will be designing a wedding cake that will fit in or coordinate with your wedding colors and theme, and with so many different options, you really have to do the same with your wedding cake topper. That may seem like a “duh” moment, but if you have had your heart set on using the most darling little surfer dude and chick salt and pepper shaker that you think is just too cute and totally you to not pass up, but then you have a very traditional black-tie, red roses wedding, the cake topper will look out of place. The same will go in reverse. It is important that your wedding cake topper is unique to you, but in order to create a cohesive wedding look, you need to make sure that uniquely yours wedding cake topper coordinates with the vintage lantern and daisy centerpieces. Let’s take a look at some criteria that will help you navigate and decide what type of cake topper will fit into your wedding theme.

Inspiration Board: Zinnias, Mason Jars and more!

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 25, 2010


Creative Idea: Find colored mason jars, you can order them online, OR start collecting them yourself. This is a great way to save on the cost of vases, and if you’re going for a more organic look, the different shapes and sizes can add a special touch to your centerpieces.

Inspiration Boards on Facebook!

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 21, 2010

Recently, we’ve started to post inspiration boards on our Facebook Fanpage.  If you haven’t checked them out, go here! There are some great ideas for all colors and themes.

Also, if it’s not already your favorite thing, go use our Inspiration Board Tool.  We have a huge gallery of pictures, and you can decide what color, season, and detail you want to look through when you’re designing your board.  Having visuals to look at when you’re planning a wedding is a valuable asset!


WeddingWire’s Newest Wedding Website Themes!

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 05, 2010

WeddingWire recently launched an update on features, which we will be posting about throughout the next couple of weeks.  But something that we are all very excited about is the launch of two new wedding website themes.  We now have exclusive collections inspired from Martha Stewart Weddings, Renaissance Writings and The Green Kangaroo!  You can see these, and all of our other great themes, by going here!


Enchanted Butterflies

Posted by Lauryn on Jul 10, 2009


Butterflies have always had a bit of fantasy and whimsy about them. A new trend I love is incorporating butterfly details into your wedding day. You can choose to use butterflies as subtle additions to the reception or even as a complete wedding theme. Butterflies add an especially dainty touch to outdoor, spring weddings. What recurring theme are you having at your wedding?

Create your own inspiration board similar to the one above using WeddingWire's Inspiration Board tool!