When you start planning a wedding, there are some typical questions that eager onlookers will ask you. One of which being what kind of flowers you will have. So, even if flowers are not your number one focus, they are always going to be on that checklist of decisions to make. When deciding what flowers you want, you will need to pay attention to what is in season, the symbolism, the color scheme, and price, but what happens when floral is the theme? Then you are going to be paying attention to how to incorporate that floral design in the details of your wedding.

The Bridal Bouquet …. of course.

Bridal Guide - Creative Bridal Bouquets

It may seem like a duh to point out that you should feature a floral design in a flower bouquet, but the point I want to emphasize is that the bridal bouquet is a focal point to the wedding and more particularly the floral tone. Thus, the bouquet should feature the main flower (or flowers) that you are using as the center stage or focal flower. Also, this means that you will want to and almost need to make that bouquet a piece of art or beauty. The above bouquet is a great example of someone utilizing a flower’s shape and color to create a cohesive floral look that can either enhance any wedding theme, or can act as a base of the light and fresh floral theme.

The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer


The flower girl does seem like another obvious choice to add in that flower detail, but what about the ring bearer? A floral designed pillow is a great way to tie in that floral theme. The lily inspired ringer bearer pillow on the right is great because its design is a little more abstract, making it a less obtuse way of scattering that floral design throughout the wedding ceremony. If you want something a little more literal, a bearer pillow like the one on the right from Wedding Star would be an equally lovely choice.


2 Touches That Can Make or Break Your Wedding Theme

Posted by csancho on Nov 25, 2013

Wedding Colors

A lot of brides will design their weddings around the colors that they want to use. So, they will pick flowers, centerpieces, and styles that compliment the color scheme rather than a particular theme. In this case, paying attention to the colors would be a matter of choosing the colors and sticking with them since the colors are the thing. However, if you are having a particular theme – like  beach, fairy tale, military, vintage, country, or seasonally based – then your wedding color choices are much more limited. A country-themed wedding does not go well with coral and turquoise, and a beach themed wedding would be hard to pull off with a plum and gold. So if you want to do a specific theme, your wedding colors are going to be affected by that theme. Yes, there is that rule of thought that it is your wedding, so you can do what you want, BUT for a complete wedding look, you MUST pay attention to the coordination of your wedding theme and your color scheme. To figure out what colors go well with your theme, it may be a good idea to create a color board, or find an image that embodies that theme or tone, and then pull your main colors from that.  When focusing on a theme, you may end up with more colors scattered throughout your wedding decor, but it is still a good idea to have 1-3 main colors that will act as an anchor for the overall look of the wedding. Too many colors can cause your decor to be disconnected and distracting.

Wedding Cake Toppers

The wedding cake topper is a decor detail that can sometimes be overlooked, but it is an important detail to pay attention to. Some of the choices are the traditional bride and groom figurine cake topper, humorous, monogram, heart, floral, and vintage. It is an important detail to pay attention to because the wedding cake is one of the main symbols of weddings, and is often a center for the wedding reception and wedding traditions. Basically, the wedding cake might as well have a spotlight on it during your reception. There are so many different styles, so you want to make sure to choose the most appropriate to your theme. For example, a super sexy wedding cake topper would be a strange addition to a fairy tale or religiously centered wedding, just like -perhaps more obviously – a fairy and prince cake topper would be odd at a country or beach themed wedding.


Photo Booth Mania Part 1: Step and Repeat Photography

Posted by aruchaevsky on Mar 20, 2013

With each passing year, weddings seem to continue to evolve into more than just your standard dinner with dancing. Many couples today are looking for new and alternative ways to jazz up their wedding and entertain their guests or expand on the entertainment of a traditional wedding.

One of the many growing trends our studio has seen is a rise in demand for photo booths, and the many variations of the photo booth concept. From a traditional boardwalk style photo booth to step and repeat photography, photo booths are taking weddings in the North East by storm.

Picking a Theme

Posted by pom on Dec 14, 2011

I was going to write about this topic at some point in the future but since Martha Weddings tweeted brides asking what the biggest challenge is I thought I’d talk about the theme issue now.

So here is my take on the topic: I guarantee that the first 3 months or so after you get engaged you will do nothing but scour every wedding website known to man and write down dozens of things you think are neat, cute, pretty and memorable.  Therefore, you will inevitably become totally confused and disheartened about the fact that you have no clue what you want.  Well, my tip is this, do all of that until you are blue in the face and then give yourself a break from the planning as it will all come together in time.  It all comes down to budget and the initial feeling of how you wanted the wedding to go.

Me and Mr.Pom initially wanted to go to an island and have a really small ceremony followed by a party closer to home.  Thinking all of it through I am now, after 4 months of deliberating with myself, going with a simple theme.  I never wanted to pick colors and I also never truly wanted a theme.  So here goes, I’m thinking of classic white – because it’s classic AND simple – with pops of yellow, because yellow brightens even the gloomiest days.  This would not only give the whole reception tent an airy feeling but it would also keep true to our original desire of having a simple and effortless wedding.  The fact that we are getting married on a lake only adds to the simplicity and fun.

Finding Your Colors: Blue

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 26, 2010

If you’re having trouble figuring out a color scheme that goes well together, stop and take a look at what’s around you.

Let’s start with BLUE

Look at the blueberries below:


Your color scheme could be:

Black, Blue, Ice Blue

Color Palette