Where Should I Register For My Wedding?

Posted by Caitlin on Mar 26, 2015


What are ALL the ways you can register for you wedding, anyways? In WeddingWire’s SpringBook 2015, we understand that couples want to customize everything because who wants china they will never use. There are three options to consider: gift, cash, and honeymoon, each with their own distinct retailers. Read more about the dos and don’ts here. Or start creating your very own right about now.



Over the next few weeks, our very own WeddingWire editors will be providing answers to those tough etiquette questions that Facebook followers might not know how to address. Third up, Maureen asks: “How [do you] communicate where you are registered for gifts if you are not having a bridal shower?” Find out the answer here.

Registries For Older Couples? Of Course!

Posted by dostomel on Aug 06, 2014

Couples of all ages are tying the knot and using cash gift registries as a way to kick-start their lives together.  For many, this means help with a lot of firsts: first home, first car or first baby. As an older couple, you may have already gone through many of these events, but there are still tons of ways in which you and your loved ones can celebrate your new life together. Read on for a few tips:

1. Register For Experiences

These never get boring regardless of how many you’ve had, and the options are endless! Why not register for an unforgettable honeymoon to Hawaii, as Hope and Roger did? Or sign up for tennis and dance lessons? Each wonderful experience you have as a couple adds to a lifetime of priceless memories.

2. Register for Home Improvement

Even if you already have a home, that doesn’t mean that there’s no opportunity to make some much wanted adjustments. Some couples may want to replace time-worn kitchen equipment with the newest versions, or add a few rooms to their home. Steve and Mel used their wedding registry as a way to fix up their future home in France. Cool stuff, huh?

3. Register to Bring in the Family

A wedding isn’t just a union of two people; it’s a union of two families. This holds especially true for older couples with children of their own. So why not use a registry to make merging into one big happy family as seamless as possible? One idea may be a trip to Disney World with all of your loved ones, both new and old. Another may be to add a swimming pool or play room for all of the kids to congregate in. Take a look at Abdi and Laura’s registry for some ideas.

4. Register For Charity

As you get older, material things may not seem nearly as important. Experiences with loved ones may take precedence but so can giving back to a cause that you’ve always cared about. Having family and friends donate to a charity or organization of choice can add that much more meaning to the start of this new chapter in your life.  Check out Rayna and Eli’s contributions toward American Jewish World Service as an example.

15 Travel Essentials You Can Register For

Posted by Caitlin on Jun 30, 2014


 Photos (from left to right): Token Studio Collection Travel Kit, $35 at Nordstrom and Satechi Smart Travel Router with USB Port, $45 on Amazon

Often times, your registry becomes one long list for kitchen tools and appliances, but for the jet-setting couple, a Calphalon non-stick frying pan and Kitchen-Aid stand mixer might not be worth a scan. Thinking more about the destination rather than the journey? Check out our Travel Editor’s necessities like noise canceling headphones, neck pillow, fisheye lens, solar charger, and router with USB port to make sure you’re relaxed and ready-to-go when you arrive in paradise.



Photo: Corkcicle Wine Chiller, Target 

In case you didn’t already know, Caitlin, one of our very own on WeddingWire’s editorial team, is engaged! Throughout her entire planning process, she’ll be giving you insight on her experiences until September 20, 2014. First, it was wedding dress shopping — and 9 things no one ever told her — and next up: 9 things you wouldn’t think to register for (but should!).