Guest Post By Anne Chertoff

Planning a destination wedding?  Whether you’re saying “I do” in the States or abroad let your wedding’s location inspire your wedding invitation.  We found two creative ways to highlight your destination at two creative companies: City Card Shop and Fine Day Press.

Green Wedding Invites Are in Full Bloom

Posted by kharrison on May 08, 2012

Invite your guests to go green with you on your wedding day! Avoid excess waste from invitations, stuffing, envelopes and tissue by creating your own wedding invites! Green wedding invitations are beautiful, innovative and blooming with creativity.

Keepsake invitations reduce waste by encouraging guests to hold on to your unique wedding invite! Send found seashells or recycle glass jars from thrift shops with a “message in a bottle!” While antiquing, pick up some vintage skeleton keys and attach your invites on recycled paper.

Everyone who celebrate Christmas has a Christmas List!

That ole familiar song reminds us that Santa is coming to town, and he’s making a list, checking it twice. As a bride, you should have a list of wedding etiquette shoulds and should nots, and, alas, nevers. This list will serve you well as you journey though your wedding-walk: engaged to the farewell wave as you leave for your honeymoon.

As a national wedding etiquette expert and author, I can assure you that these are the top ten topics that often cross a bride’s mind, some as flights of fancy, others as the possible start of WWIII. So without further adieu, The List, please.

The right (way) to assemble: invitations

Posted by mallen on Jul 22, 2011

Which comes first, the tissue or the card?  Did you expect there would be so many elements to consider when designing your wedding invitations?  Now that you have them in hand, and the task of assembling all these pieces comes to play, here’s a guideline on the assembly of those materials and the order they should go.

Unless your invitation is designed to stack the enclosures within the invitation (like Envelopements), place the enclosures on top of the invitation in the following order:

  • Start with the invitation, face up; this will be the bottom of your pile.
  • Next comes the tissue paper.  Originally designed to keep the ink of your invitation off of the other elements as well as to prevent smearing, this element may be obsolete, depending on your print selection or the formality of your invitation.
  • On top of the tissue paper is the reception card and/or map (if applicable), also face up.
  • Then tuck the RSVP card (face up) into the flap of its envelope (which would require the envelope to be face down, so the flap is up) and set that grouping on top of the reception card.
  • This nicely stacked pile of paper slips into the inner envelope with the printing facing up and the back of the invitation (i.e. the bottom of your pile) sliding in against the wall of the envelope.  Your guests will see the print as they open the inner envelope and the materials will be staggered with smallest element front.  Do not seal the inner envelope.
  • The inner envelope is placed inside the outer envelope so that the front of the inner envelope (i.e. the part you write on) will be face out (so your guests will see their names as they open the outer envelope flap.)

Guest Post By: Anne Chertoff

There are hundreds of new designs and product launches showcased every year at the National Stationery Show but there are always a few that catch the eye.  These creative wedding invitation designs were what I consider Best in Show.  I’m sure you’ll find your wedding invitation, or at least be inspired by, the selection below:

Inspired by Your Love

Fireworks are a common reference to falling in love so why not choose a wedding invitation that reflects the spark in your relationship.  This letterpress design can be printed in any of the company’s 26 color offerings, or for an additional fee of $50 they will work with the Pantone Color System to find the exact color you are looking for.  Fireworks by Flywheel Press, 100 invitations and outer envelopes in one color $537

Period Pieces

Wedding invitations will let your guests know a little about your wedding’s style so couples planning a wedding with a theme inspired by a specific decade should choose an invitation that reflects that time period.  Design elements to play with include color, font and imagery so look for an invite where all three represent the look and feel you’re going for.  For an Art Deco 1920’s wedding theme this design includes a font and spacing reminiscent of the period.  Instead of an icon the bottom of the invitation is embossed with the couple’s monogram.  An invitation suite includes wedding invitation, rsvp card and envelope, information card and outer envelope.  Art Deco Design by Printerette Press, 100 sets $950