60 Totally Stylish Toppers For Your Wedding Cake

Posted by Caitlin on Mar 07, 2014


 Photos (from left to right): Cory Ryan Photography

A wedding cake isn’t complete without a topper! Whether it’s a tiny version of you and your significant other in the shape of a silhouette or form of a family heirloom, a crafty bunting banner, animals (like pigs, hedgehogs, giraffes, or birds — yes, we’ve seen them all), or as simple as fresh flowers, you’ll want to browse our photo gallery for even more inspiration.

Our Favorite Wedding Cakes of 2013

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 08, 2014


Photo: Duy Ho Photography

It was a super sweet year filled with all types of baker’s confections! From Zia and Coley’s cheese (yes, rounds) cake and Ally and Jeff’s naked cake topped with fresh strawberries to Carolina and Benjamin’s Day of the Dead-themed cake complete with skeletons and Maggie and Jason’s Auntie Anne’s soft pretzel-shaped cake, we couldn’t keep our stomachs from growling. Check out more of our top picks here.

Let Them Eat Cake!

Posted by csancho on Aug 14, 2013

When it comes to cake designs for your wedding, there are so much to choose from! You can either go very simple and do a one-tiered wedding cake or get gypsy wedding on us and do like 10 tiers! Whatever you choose, you just have to make sure it ties with your whole wedding design and speaks YOU. Below I have put together some cake design ideas that are trending to cater to everyone’s style and personality.

Art Deco Inspired Cakes

art deco cake on lael cakes blog

art deco cakes

Art Deco Cake by Sweet and Saucy

Did you fall in love with the new Great Gatsby like we did? Designing your cakes and wedding with some sort of art deco style would be the perfect touch for a Gatsby-themed wedding. I love these cakes that incorporate the beauty of art deco with a modern touch!

Colorful and Floral Inspired Cakes

red flower cake
blue cake on once wed

Do you love color and flowers? The best and easiest way to add color and floral to your wedding are by adding them to your cake. You can ask your cake designer to not use any flowers and save money by asking your florist to add real flowers yourself!

 Simple and Chic Cakes

malibu wedding cake by sweet and saucy

once wed cake

If you have a simple white wedding and want to go for a sophisticated look then your cake should reflect that as well! The best simple cakes are the ones that are usually white or pastel. You don’t want to go too crazy with color or designs. To add a little personality you can add a little cute cake topper like one here!


4 Butterfly-Inspired Wedding Cakes

Posted by kharrison on Jul 17, 2013

Every bride knows that their wedding cake is one of the most important components of their special day. The cake has to look beautiful and taste good too! Butterfly-inspired cakes are very popular and since butterflies are naturally colorful creatures they make for gorgeous and vibrant cakes.

This gorgeous butterfly wedding cake features the blue morpho butterfly, which has bright blue wings edged with black. Their vivid color and beauty will make your cake stand out. Having the butterflies placed against a solid white fondant makes their fabulous color impossible to ignore. Opt for sugar butterflies or something made from recycled or sustainable materials. This cake would be perfect for a spring, summer or garden wedding.

Photo: Cake Central

This golden butterfly cake is elegant and intricately decorated with golden roses and butterflies. The golden colored butterflies sparkle, creating a contrast against plain fondant! This cake has a rustic and warm color tone that is ideal for a fall wedding and the changing leaves that come with the season.

This butterfly cake is very simple yet striking. The three butterflies are intricately designed to look more life like and feature gold embellishments. When choosing cake adornments or toppers, look for glass butterflies or another delicate material that can be saved after the wedding as a memento!

Photo: The Butterend

This butterfly wedding cake is colorful, bold and eco-friendly because it features an assortment of butterflies made from edible wafer paper. You can eat the butterflies instead of tossing away a disposable topper. The butterflies come in beautiful hues of blue, lavender, orange, pink, green and earth tones. This cake incorporates many of the butterflies that many of us do not see very often in nature, making this a unique and one- of-a-kind cake!

Photo: Fancy Flour

For more beautiful butterfly inspiration, visit our Wedding Shop.

Guest Post By: Renata Papadopoulos, Lovely Cakes


The two cakes pictured above may look different but they’re actually exactly the same. The cake on the left is sitting on a fondant-covered board, while the cake on the right is set on a foil-covered board. It makes a big different, don’t you think?

It’s shocking to me that there are so many cake professionals still presenting their cakes on foil-covered boards.  And it’s even more shocking that some bakers charge to cover the board with fondant!Very few couples ask me about their cake’s board presentation during their tastings. But you should make sure that your cake board will be dressed in a way that coordinates with your cake.

When you visit websites of a potential baker, be sure to take note of the cake boards. That  will give you a good indication of how much attention to the detail your cake professional has.

Another important question to ask your baker: How thick does he or she roll fodant? Fondant should be rolled super-thin, about 1/8” thick. This way the fondant will melt into the buttercream a bit and won’t have as gummy a texture.

Although looking at pictures will not tell you if the fondant covering the cake is thin or not, looking at the thickness of decorations and borders of a cake will give you a good clue if your cake professional takes the time to roll her fondant thin.

Tip: If you have a smaller wedding cake, use a stand to elevate and give more presence to your cake. Just make sure that the stand can sustain the weight of your cake and still be stable.

Renata Papdopoulos | Owner, Lovely Cakes

Renata Papadopoulos is the owner of Lovely Cakes in Connecticut. One of her designs was selected by Brides magazine in 2011 as one of America’s Most Beautiful Cakes.