Brilliant Idea: “Groomsladies” Tie Sashes

Posted by Kim on Jan 28, 2013

We peruse through dozens of real weddings every day (we know, poor us), and sometimes we see a wedding detail so brilliant we just have to share it with you. This is one of these ideas.

We are all in favor of couples mixing up the genders in the wedding party – Best Women, Bridesmaids, Man of Honor, we’ve seen it all, and think it’s more important to honor those you care about that stick with traditional single-sex bridesmaids and groomsmen. So we were so psyched to see Lauren and Tom’s Alexandria, Virginia wedding – which featured a mostly female groom’s side – Tom’s sister, two female friends, and one male friend. And we just adored the “groomsladies'” ensembles – gray dresses from David’s Bridal accessorized with sashes fashioned from the Macy’s ties Tom and his groomsman wore.

Photos by Vita Images

Says Lauren: “One of my favorite things about Tom is how well he understands women.  He grew up with an older sister, his mother, and his grandmother all in the same house, so that’s where he gets it from. And when he chose his wedding party, he knew pretty quickly that he wanted some special ladies on his side of the aisle. Since it was a garden wedding, he knew he didn’t want a tux and so the fabulous grey J. Crew suit took shape early. That meant Paul would be in a grey suit as well, and the groomsladies in grey dresses. But Tom was confident that the groomsladies shouldn’t look like bridesmaids; that’s one reason why they didn’t carry bouquets. He came up with the tie idea as a way for them to look “Groom side, strong side,” as they kept saying, but still feminine.  The tie around the waist worked really well.

Are you having mixed-gender wedding parties? If so, how are you differentiating their ensembles? Let us know in the comments!