Ten Centerpieces We Love

Posted by Jeffra on Jul 21, 2011

With all of the trends floating around for centerpieces, we love sharing some ideas we think stand out. Two trends we’re loving are bottles and birdcages, but also included a few others that we discovered and couldn’t resist sharing!

Unique Wedding Centerpieces

Posted by Jeffra on May 05, 2010

Sometimes when we post all of these gorgeous real weddings, the details can become a little bit overwhelming.  Below are a few of the centerpieces we’ve included recently that can be great for inspiration. Some of them are DIY,  some are simply wildflowers from your garden, and  others are beautiful professional arrangements.


Eco-Organic Flowers Wildflowers from a Local Farm


Vintage, Antique Jars filled with Local Garden Flowers


Clear Glass Vase Filled with 2 Garden Flowers for a simple elegant look


Glass bowl, filled with Lemons and specially arranged Seasonal Flowers


Local Organic Garden Flowers placed in a stone vase


Clear Glass Square Vases Filled with Pears and Specially Arranged Florals


Clear Floating Glass Vase filled with Daisies, Cymbidium Orchids, and Lemons

Photo Credits:

Cedarwood Design Team / Photo by: Angela Anderson Photography

Jagger Photography

Elizabeth Stultz Photography

Erin Kroll Photography

Unique Centerpieces: Gift Box Edition

Posted by Dogwood on Mar 09, 2010

I’ve found another unique idea for centerpieces that is easy DIY, able to be done way in advance and can tie in any color combination you want.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving….literally! These centerpieces can be for aesthetics only or could actually hold your wedding favors.  Arranged in just the right way, they are a beautiful alternative to pricey flowers… and they last a lot longer!

From AOL

From AOL

Thanks to Erinn Valencich at eHow for this great step by step guide:

Au Natural Centerpieces

Posted by Dogwood on Mar 03, 2010

Moving along in the unique centerpiece series, we are on to au natural options.  I have to admit I am quite obsessed with some of these options and believe that they are also truly DIY.  It is amazing you can take something as plain as leaves and turn it into a centerpiece masterpiece! I also found on Save-On-Crafts.com a lot of great, inexpensive options for branches, logs, greenery and glass.


Centerpieces Beyond the Norm

Posted by Jeffra on Mar 01, 2010

If you want to go beyond the normal floral centerpieces, here are a few ideas on how to mix it up. And a lot of these arrangements are budget friendly, too, which makes them even better!

Unique Centerpieces
Unique Centerpieces
Unique Centerpieces
Unique Centerpieces
Unique Centerpieces
Unique Centerpieces

Photo Credits:

Shang Chen
Martin Whitton
Krista Guenin
Kimberly Biggerstaff
Jaclyn Lippelmann
Wes Weber

Photo Credit: Shang Chen