Mountaintop Wedding in Winter Park, Colorado

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 26, 2012

Mallorie & Candy

September 9

Winter Park, Colorado


From the Photographer: “Candy was raised in the south Louisiana and Mallorie was raised in Salt Lake City. They both fell in love with Colorado and the hiking, biking, camping, and sunshine that goes with it. In their spare time they love spending time with their dogs and playing ice hockey with many of their friends. They met through mutual friends of theirs and have been inseparable since. When I met these ladies we clicked right away and I knew this was going to be an awesome match. We rode up the chair lift earlier in the day to take some amazing photos at the top of the mountain. I was so taken in by how sweet, kind, and supportive their families were. The joy of the love that these ladies share was celebrated by all and it was truly an amazing evening.” – Sarah Roshan, of  Trulife Photography