2011 Recap: Top Boutonniere Ideas

Posted by Jeffra on Dec 29, 2011

We couldn’t forget about the groom! While the boutonniere might be the last thing on your wedding details to-do list, it can be a lot of fun to plan out. We only chose a few of our favorites, but we felt they stood out and will provide you some great boutonniere inspiration!



2011 Recap: Top Wedding Party Attire

Posted by Jeffra on Dec 27, 2011

Even before the Royal Wedding we saw a lot of neutral bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen attire. From beige/ivory, to grays and muted blues, 2011 had a lot of fabulous ideas for the wedding party. Another element we noticed, and LOVED, was that brides allowed their maids to choose different style dresses; either completely different and a similar shade of color, or same color/designer and a different fit for each girl. We hope to see more of both of these trends in 2012!