Gold & Navy: A Unique Coastal Wedding

Posted by tgkdesigns on Jan 10, 2012

People always ask us “The Green Kangaroo? What does that have to do with anything?” Certainly our company name is outside-the-norm, which is fitting, since uniquity has always been our mission.

Lucky for us, that mission is fulfilled every day: our products are a direct reflection of YOU, our customers, who are so very unique! It is always a pleasure to hear satisfied clients remark, “It’s just we wanted!” Because that’s what we’re all about! If you can dream it, we can do it. Your personality and taste should shine through all of your wedding details, (and we believe) especially your wedding invitations.

The Art of the Thank You Note – Part 2

Posted by tgkdesigns on Mar 30, 2010

Newly married couples are very often blessed with mountains of gifts from friends and loved ones in celebration of their marriage. But it can be truly difficult to face writing a thank you note to each generous gift-giver, especially in the exhausted wake of throwing a wedding! To follow up on part 1 of “The Art of the Thank You Note”, here are just a few, specific, simple tips for keeping those notes from sounding as if they were copied straight from the back of your wedding planning manual:

light house thank you note

Tip #1: Don’t just say thank you.

– “Thank you for the crock pot” is about as uninspired a line as they come! Tell the giver how much you look forward to trying out new recipes in the crock pot or reflect how much simpler it will make dinner preparations on busy work days. It’s so much more fun to give a gift when you feel the recipient truly appreciates it! And though this probably goes without saying, even if you’re less than thrilled with the item, received multiple versions, or have any other beef with the present, you still need to find something kind to say about it!

Green Wedding Style: Inspiration Board

Posted by tgkdesigns on Mar 24, 2010

One of our favorite harbingers of Spring is when the trees suddenly sport their bitty, bright, lime green buds.  Nearly yellow green soon gives way to ever deepening shades of kelly, shamrock, and moss.  As you may have guessed, with a business named The Green Kangaroo, we can wax poetic about shades of green for days!  And weddings that incorporate green, whether with the barest hints of color or in bold pops of brightness, embrace the season’s freshness in an impactful, visual way.

Check out our latest inspiration board with a few fabulous ideas for greening up your wedding day.

Green Inspiration Board

The Art of the Thank You Note – {Part 1}

Posted by tgkdesigns on Mar 19, 2010

My mother taught me at an early age that writing thank you notes was more than just a social nicety – it was an absolute requirement! Many women however aren’t raised by steel magnolias wielding Mont Blanc pens. Some are at a loss for how to deal with a mountain of wedding gifts and a blank stack of cards with their new married name printed on the front. Fear not! Writing thank you notes, though a time-consuming task, can actually be enjoyable if approached carefully.


Making the Most of Digital Photos…

Posted by tgkdesigns on Feb 25, 2010

Photo Save the Dates have become one of the leading trends in wedding stationery. The key is ensuring that the photo file you send your stationer is capable of producing the best possible printed image quality.

A photograph that looks crisp and clear on your computer monitor may not necessarily print at that same quality. The reason is that most computer screens are low resolution (or, designed to showcase small photo files), while printers are high resolution (or, designed to work with large photo files). If you try to print a photo file created for computer viewing on a good quality printer, chances are you’ll end up with a grainy, blurry photo.


So how can you be confident that the photo you choose for your printed stationery will print with the clear, professional quality you see on your screen? The secret is in the photo’s dpi, or “dots-per-inch” measurement, also known as the “resolution.”