31 Sweetheart Tables For The Happy Couple!

Posted by Caitlin on Apr 16, 2014


Photo: Heidi Ryder Photography

There’s something so special about being set apart from the crowd looking out at all your nearest and dearest loved ones, who came to celebrate your big day, as you take a few quiet moments together as newlyweds at your reception’s sweetheart table. Check out our Decor Editor’s favorite set ups and ways to decorate your place settings, table numbers, and centerpieces too.


Posted by bridalbuds on Feb 14, 2011

Having your parents pay for your wedding obviously has its advantages.

But it has its disadvantages, too – namely, if you disagree on something. Luckily, so far my parents have been very flexible and have let me have pretty much anything I want, which is more than generous.

One of the things we disagree on, unfortunately, is having a sweethearts table:


{I have no idea where this picture is from! I saved it to my computer awhile ago!}

We’re not having a bridal party – except for our two attendants/witnesses, so I figured the sweethearts table wouldn’t be a problem. I love the concept of the sweethearts table. I love that Mr. Magnolia and I would be able to be just the two of us (at least while we’re sitting and eating) at some point during the wedding. So many couples say that they don’t get any time together, and I was hoping this will steal some time for us, even if we’re surrounded by our loved ones. My reception hall also wasn’t too pleased with the idea of the sweethearts table, calling it “sad/lonely” for the bride and groom. Ummm… no.