Dressing my Sis

Posted by bridalbuds on Mar 16, 2011

I’m not having a bridal party. But my sister still needs a dress, and we went shopping for her dress in January. It just arrived. Here were my original inspiration ideas:

(Dress on the right, Impression 1758)

My Shopping Army

Posted by lilac on Nov 23, 2010

While on vacation I kept an eye out for cool bridesmaid gifts in my budget. Since we were on a cruise they had daily deals that Lilac Dude and I would check them out… along with everyone else on the ship. One day they had these gift sets for men and women. Lilac Dude found the perfect one for his guys and easily got four of them.

I took a look at the sets for women and words cannot convey how many other shoppers there were. But I found an awesome gift set and only needed three more just like it.

Talk about crowded! Personal photo of the other shoppers where we bought our wedding party gifts

I asked the nice man behind the counter to help me find three more. He started looking for them. Meanwhile, my future mother-in-law was working the other end of the table. We were having no luck finding another three when a lady asked me what I was looking for. I explained and soon we had three more ladies helping us find the sets. Within 10 minutes my wonderful shopping army had found them all!

World’s Largest Shoe Store!

Posted by lilac on Jul 27, 2010

After multiple fruitless shoe shopping trips my sister, my cousin and myself piled into the bride mobile (aka my car) for a field trip to The World’s Largest Shoe Store… or Reyers in Sharon Pennsylvania. We were bound to find something for both of the Lilac sisters to wear when wed!

Whether or not Reyers is really the world’s largest shoe store, I don’t know. But it is fairly big and the signs say so! (Visit them online at reyers.com)

Post-Prom Wedding Treasures

Posted by lilac on Jul 08, 2010

I was killing some time before meeting a friend for coffee so I decided to walk the mall. It was rather close to the end of prom season (I think there were only 2 local schools that hadn’t held prom yet).

I noticed tons of tiaras, decorative combs, headbands, a other hair accessories on sale at several stores.

This headband is from Etsy seller Allofyou, but is similar to what I saw

“You can always buy more later!”

Posted by aruchaevsky on Jun 05, 2009

“You can always buy more later you just can’t less,” is the advice I give most couples. As I meet with eager brides and grooms planning their wedding, it seems that many are unsure of what they want. Whether it is the type of album or a parent gift, there are now more options than ever, and the decisions are even harder.

If you are not sure of what you want, that purchase only what you need. If you want a specific item but are not sure about it, ask your vendor to put it in your contract at a guaranteed price, assuring yourself, that you can still have what you want but you will not need to make a purchase immediately.