Love at First Sight Engagement Shoot

Posted by Jeffra on Nov 16, 2011

About the Couple: “Five years ago, Crystal Quandt was working as a model and living in South Carolina while across the country in San Diego, Phil Goodrich was living and working as an artist and surfer. They had a mutual friend that put them in contact with one another as Crystal was looking for some artwork. After quite a few emails and phone calls, Crystal started to become a little more interested in Phil as not only an artist to buy artwork from, but as someone she was becoming quite smitten with! The phone calls and emails continued for a few months when they decided that Crystal should go out to San Diego to check this art out in person and get to know this artist a little better. It was definitely love at first site when Crystal came down the escalator at San Diego’s airport and saw Phil standing in a crowd of people. They spent a few days together in San Diego and then a few days together in Washington DC before Phil took off on a 4 month surfing trip to Indonesia. Before he left, they made a commitment to wait on one another and the 4 months flew by! This April 26th, the day Phil was flying out of Myrtle Beach for a 3 month trip to Indonesia, Crystal and Phil stopped by her parent’s house for Phil to say bye to her parents. While they were there, Phil called Crystal into the bedroom she grew up in and when she turned the corner, Phil was on his knee with an engagement ring made from diamonds that was given to him by his mother. He proposed telling her that he wanted to ask her to marry him in the room she was a little girl in! Of course, she said yes and they ran out the door to get Phil to the airport. Once Phil returned home, the real wedding planning started! A November 5th wedding is being planned and the crazy part of the whole wedding and engagement dates are, April 26th is his mom’s mother’s birthday and November 5th is his dad’s mother’s birthday, and neither Phil or Crystal realized this when the dates were planned!” –Ricki Ford photographers

Photographer:  Ricki Ford photographers