We’re still at it, sports fans! In celebration of the Olympics, we’ve shared silver and gold bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, and cakes, and to close out the week we’re featuring silver and gold wedding stationery. So after seeing all of this metallic wedding inspiration over the past week, tell us:

Which metallic shade do you like best for your wedding?

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Top row: Invitation suite by Ten Lines Pica
Middle row (from left to right): Photograph by Off BEET Productions; Save the Date by Southern Fried Paper
Bottom row: Photograph by Tiffiney Photography

Creative Place Card Ideas

Posted by Jeffra on May 13, 2010

How are you displaying your place cards? Below are a few ideas to spark your creativity!

1. DIY ~  Materials – Cork Board, Colored Sewing Pins, Circle Fabric Cut Outs that signify the table


2. Combine Favors and Place Cards – Themed Cookies with Printed Place Cards taped to the back


3. Elegant & Chic- Professionally printed cards and clothes pins

placecards-williamson country

4. The alternative – love this simplistic idea of hanging it from the chair.  (Note: This might be more difficult for a larger wedding though, because people will be walking around each table to find their seat.)


5. Themed Trinkets – You can order these fun little things anywhere on favor sites. It’s a great way to add decor to the table without a lot of effort. And if you can find place card holders that fit your theme nicely, it can be fun!


6. Rustically Resourceful – If you’re on a budget, this is a great way to showcase the place cards without having to put a lot money into the process. Hand write the names, buy sturdy thin ribbon, pin, place, and voila!


6. Beach Beautiful – If you’re having a beach wedding, why not use the resources provided for you – sand and starfish.  You can find the starfish in a variety of colors, and then just find silk ribbon and sturdy card-stock to match your color scheme.


Photo Credits:

Trisha Dean Events

Attasalina Photography

Williamson County Weddings & Events

Cookie Creatives by Jennifer

Katlem Design & Invitations


Which Entree Did I Choose Again?

Posted by jwimer on Oct 29, 2009

wedding-seated-dinnerIf I did truly receive a nickel for each time a guest told one of my service staff members “I don’t remember which entree I chose…” at a sit-down event or wedding reception, I would never have to work another day in my life!

As caterers, it is always our desire to supply guests with their chosen meal selection in a timely fashion.   We do not want to bother your guests by having to ask what their meal choice was.  Nor do we want to approach dinner service with a fear that so many guests will forget what they ordered and be forced to guess.  This can really cause the meal counts to be skewed, and that is especially horrid for a guest that only eats seafood or is a vegan, as towards the end of service the fish entree could be all gone and only chicken or beef remain.

A simple act of forethought on this subject can so dramatically affect the success of your dinner service, and the experience had by you and your guests at your sit-down reception.  By selecting a way to mark your escort cards to denote entree selection, you assist the service staff, and the guest, by taking the memory work out of the whole process.

We have serviced events where entree selection was marked in ways as simple as varying ink color to more unique ideas like different shaped gems being placed on each sparkly seating card.   At a rustic barn wedding this past summer, the bride had custom line drawings of a pig, cow and chicken designed that were placed on the back of the place cards so that service staff approaching the table could see exactly where the entrees should be delivered.