Modern Wedding in Carlsbad, California

Posted by Jeffra on May 24, 2012

Libby & Carlo

October 22

Carlsbad, California

From the Bride: “We chose to get married at Levyland with a cocktail welcome at the Carlsbad Inn, both in Carlsbad, California. We wanted to hold a mulit-day event with lots of space for the gathering of our friends and family and also wanted a place on the beach where our parents could enjoy some of California’s blessings, the lagoons and ocean breezes. Our wedding felt very intimate on the lawn of the home. People say your wedding day is a blur, but as we said our vows and promised our futures to each other, we took a moment to look back at all of the most important people in our lives and I have this clear and perfect picture of all of their faces and the immense feeling of love we felt as a part of each other and of that group. We dined under the stars (and paper lanterns) and enjoyed the glow of mist that nature had provided us that day. Later we moved inside for cake and dancing to finish the perfect day. I loved how this space allowed for movement throughout the day and each activity had it’s own place. Our photographer Patty Brutlag, from Petula Pea Photography, was able to capture a different feeling in each moment, laugh lines, tears, paparazzi shots, fairytale scenery and more.”

Kristie & Rick

August 20

Rancho Sante Fe, California

“Words can’t describe the love at Kristie + Rick’s wedding. Besides the existing gorgeous-ness at Rancho Valencia’s Resort & Spa, Kristie + Rick just added to the beauty. Thank goodness their photos tell an entire story! They are truly each other’s soul mates and share in so many unique & loving qualities. Their love story began at! They immediately knew that they were meant for each other & and the rest is history. Kristie + Rick were surrounded by 80 amazing family & friends the entire day & I am positive that everyone left with overflowing hearts (including me!).” ~ Patty, Petula Pea Photography