Moon Dude is the foodie of our relationship. So when we make decisions based on food, he usually gets the last say. That being said, our rehearsal dinner decision was made mostly by our taste buds, and so, I would like to bring to you the rest of this post about our rehearsal dinner location from the “hogs mouth” so-t0-speak:

After looking at 5-6 places that didn’t work out, we found a seafood place that seemed ok. It had been a long weekend of wedding planning on the outer banks, so we were pretty run down. This was in March and we were staying at the hotel were we would eventually have our reception. Needing a sustaining lunch to continue with our matrimonial strategizing, I put my snout in the air and caught a whiff of smoked pork. Piggy! The aroma of hot pork called out to me like the siren song of a bewitched sailor. As my glazed-over eyes sparked back to life, I saw the source of this delicious smell: High Cotton BBQ. Right across the street from our hotel! How could our marriage not be blessed, to find the ocean on one side of our wedding, and BBQ on the other. We went in and ordered two platters.

Real Outer Banks Beach Wedding: Caroline + Blake

Posted by Jeffra on Sep 23, 2010

Caroline + Blake

Outer Banks, North Carolina

August 2010

Love everything about this wedding, from the beach ceremony, to the intimate reception with amazing details and a rockin’ kids table!  And let’s be honest who doesn’t adore white hydrangeas with starfish and sea shells!

Real Wedding and Photography courtesy of: f5 Photography

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