Classic Teal Fall Waterfront Wedding in Virginia

Posted by Caitlin on Oct 31, 2013

Morgan & Austin

October 19 

Norfolk, Virginia 


Q & A with the Bride:

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

The minute I saw the venue I fell in love. I never actually looked at other venues. I knew I wanted something on the water and a unique location. When I first walked in, the floor to ceiling windows of the rotunda had me hooked! The beautiful views of the river along with the sunset make for an incomparable backdrop for any event.

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

1. The s’mores bar was my most favorite thing. I mentioned it to Shaina at Omar’s Carriage House and left the rest up to her. She came up with the layout, design, and details all on her own. She did a fantastic job, and everyone had so much fun making them.

2. I’m OBSESSED with my cake. I didn’t want to cut it.

3. I chose to sit my bridal party and their dates at a big table “family style.” You don’t see this done at too many weddings and this was something that was important to me. I’ve been in weddings before where my date has to be sat all alone because I’m at the bridal table. I wanted everyone to be included and wanted to enjoy eating and sitting with all of our close friends and family.

3. Give us the one moment in your wedding day you can’t stop thinking about. 

I can’t stop thinking about the wedding ceremony itself. Having all of our family and friends there watching us finally get married. It was so meaningful to have someone that is a personal family friend be able to marry Austin and I. I think about our vows. We wrote them together, and I think about how heartfelt the moment was when we stated those vows to each other


I Do {How To’s}: Mr. & Mrs. Ombre Neon Signs

Posted by llongacre on Jul 31, 2013

Today’s “I Do How To” is going to show you how to make block MR. & MRS. signs.  We created these glitter ombre signs for a neon photo shoot featured on Wedding Chicks.  Using only spray paint and cardboard block letters, this tutorial is so easy, you will want to run out and start making block letter signs for everything!

Step 1: Purchase cardboard block letters and spray paint.  Cardboard block letters can be found at Joann’s Fabrics, and I bought my spray paint from Michael’s Arts & Crafts.  The first spray paint you see is a neutral color.  This is a must for all spray paint projects.  It provides a base.  This allows the color spray paint, here it is neon pink, to really pop.

Step 2: Spray 1 coat of the neutral spray paint on one side of the cardboard block letters.  Let this coat dry for 1 hour.  Then flip the letters over and spray first coat onto the back side of letters.  Let dry for 1 hour.

Step 3: After neutral coat has dried, spray both sides of the block letters with the color or your choice, here, we chose neon pink. Remember to let each side dry for 1 hour.

Step 4: Repeat step 3.  You want 2 coats of color spray paint

Step 5: After color spray paint has dried, now it is time to apply the glitter.  Ombre is a huge trend right now.  Ombre means having colors or tones that shade into each other, the color is graduated from light to dark.  Creating these we wanted the gold to be dark at the bottom of the letters and fade up into the neon pink.  Starting with your spray paint can at the bottom of the letters apply a thick coat of gold glitter only to the bottom.  As you make your way up the letter, pull your hand back farther away from the block letter.  This allows less and less glitter to hit the block letter.

Your results will be gorgeous!

Be sure to check out our original post, and many more!  Photo shoot photos courtesy of A Girl and A Camera.

Happy DIY’ing!