Wedding Dresses For A Rustic Style Wedding

Posted by Carly on Oct 19, 2012

Thinking of getting hitched in a barn or field? The rustic wedding setting has taken over as one of the most popular themes over the last few years, and if you’re planning one for yourself you’ll need the perfect gown to wear with a pair of cowboy boots. (Lifting your hem to show your cowgirl style is one of the best photo-ops!) A new crop of rustic chic wedding gowns from the runway is sure to catch your eye, as it did ours. When shopping for yours remember to choose something that’s not too heavy so you can easily move around the grounds, as well as the dance floor, and lace is always a safe bet.


This dress from Modern Trousseau looks like it stepped right out of a rustic-themed photo shoot. The lace detail adds texture without feeling overdone. A perfect option for both the ceremony and reception.

Simplicity rules in rustic weddings, and this v-neck design by Janet Nelson Kumar has that in spades. If you wanted to add a little something to it, a floral belt or sash or even a colored ribbon (pink perhaps?) would work well.

When we think of lace, we almost always think of vintage weddings first. However, that mindset is easily changed when we see a gown like this one from Lea-Ann Belter that features a larger lace pattern that is not made from Chantilly – a fabric far too delicate for a rustic setting. Aside from the type of lace used, the scalloping on the bottom of the dress is definitely one of our favorite features!


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Bridal Market Report: Modern Trousseau

Posted by meg on Apr 19, 2010

My first stop at New York Bridal Market was Modern Trousseau

Kelly, an established Melbourne bridal designer, moved from Australia to the States when her husband was offered a new position.  Though she would leave a lot behind, Kelly was ready for a change and excited for the challenge, so she and her husband made the journey. That was several years ago, and since then Modern Trousseau has steadily built a name for thoughtful, enchanting bridal gowns.

Inspired by the fabric she works with, Kelly and Modern Trousseau set themselves apart by manufacturing most of their gowns with original textiles.  Some are even further customized in-house.  The extra bonus is that their price point is inclusive and not limited to women with a budget of over $3,000.

The Fall 2010 collection showcases their singular fabrics in lovely gowns that have an effortless, feminine quality.  Ranging from subtle, stunning details to expressive elements, each gown seemed more captivating than the last.

Jamie, a gown covered in lace that was then re-embroidered in-house with chiffon, reminded Kelly of a vintage gown that had the sleeves and arms taken off to make it current.  The fabric detail was noticeable the moment the gown appeared from the dressing room!

Modern Trousseau Fall 2010 "Jamie"image source