Summer Color Scheme: Blue + White

Posted by Caitlin on Aug 07, 2013

Our third favorite summer color scheme — blue and white! This inspiration board is fit for a modern bride who wants to incorporate art deco patterns into her stationery thanks to her sapphire emerald cut engagement ring. Who says you can’t be the only one wearing white? Since you’ll be wearing a Grecian goddess wedding dress, keep it casual and ask your bridesmaids to wear long chiffon dresses with strappy gladiator sandals. Choose a bouquet filled with peonies, dusty miller, and silver brunia balls and a blue tie along with a matching boutonniere for your groom’s attire and lapel, respectively. Don’t forget to pick a monogrammed cake that is almost too pretty to eat. Almost!


Photos (clockwise from top left): Robyn Thompson Photography, Jen Huang Photography, Dear Wesleyann, Anna Page Photography, Jose Villa Photography, Punam Beam Photography, Studio Moirae, Nami Dadlani Photography, and Minted 

What was your color scheme? Let us know in the comments below!

Merry Christmas Garden!

Posted by apple on Dec 25, 2012

Hi Garden!  I wanted to share with you our Christmas card this year; it’s special of course because it’s our first Christmas as a married couple!  I poured over 3 or 4 web sites and their cards before I decided on a design from Minted.  I really like how they have cards specifically for newlyweds and quite a few designs to choose from.  They also have great customer service and are very efficient; I highly recommend them!

Special thanks to our photographers, Paul and Leanne of Sargeant Photography for the great shot!

I hope you all have a blessed and safe Christmas with your family and friends!

Formal vs. Informal Invitations

Posted by Caitlin on Oct 31, 2012

Invitations (from top to bottom): Minted and Jessica Lam 

Wedding invitations can be worded both, formally and informally, and should clearly state the location of the wedding, time and date. However, invitations should also show who is hosting the wedding. Don’t know the difference between a formal vs. an informal invitation?  Well, a formal invitation is used for large weddings and honors the bride’s parents by including, “Mr. and Mrs.” at the top whereas informal invitations are used for smaller, more intimate weddings and do not honor the bride’s parents. Instead, informal invitations include, “Together with their families.” Which invitation do you prefer? Let us know in the poll below. 

Which type of invitation did/will you use for your wedding?

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Eco-Friendly Invitations

Posted by Jeffra on Apr 22, 2010

Invitations can be one of the easiest ways to incorporate eco-friendly elements into your wedding. And don’t think you have to sacrifice the design just by going ‘green’, most stationery/invitation companies are printing on recycled paper and using earth friendly printing methods. Check out some examples below!

eco-friendly-invitationsInvitations By: Earthly Affair
These invites are on 100% recycled paper, using earth friendly printing methods, and carbon free shipping.

eco-friendly-invitations-2Invitations by Minted
Invites are printed on 100% Recycled Paper.

eco-friendly-invitations-3Invitations by Tasha Rae Designs
Invitations are printed Recycled, Elemental Chlorine Free, and Well Managed Forest Products.

eco-friendly-invitations-4Invitations by Invitations by Dawn
Invitations are crafted on quality, recycled papers containing at least 30% post-consumer fibers

WW-Eco-Stamp copy

Save the Date Etiquette

Posted by acursaro on Jul 31, 2009

Save the dates became popular in the early 2000’s and have become a very common part of wedding stationery.  They are a way to let your guests know when and where your impending nuptials will take place.  Save the dates help guests plan for your day, especially if travel will be involved, and it makes the possibility of them having plans on your wedding day much less likely.

As a general rule, you can start sending save the dates six months before your wedding or up to a year in advance for a destination wedding.  The key is not to send them too early because people may toss them aside or your wedding day details may change.  Always be sure your plans are set in stone and that you only send save the dates to guests you would never think of not having at your wedding – bridal party, family and very close friends.  You also want to be sure not to send them too late because you don’t want save the dates to overshadow your actual invitations.