Real Wedding Love Story: Erin + Mark

Posted by Jeffra on Sep 24, 2010

Erin + Mark

August 2010

Doubletree Hotel, Philadelphia

From the Photographer: “Erin didn’t have a typical engagement. At a time when most women are out meeting with vendors, showing off their rings and having celebratory parties, Erin was undergoing radiation treatments for her stage two breast cancer. With no fingernails or hair, I knew Erin wasn’t feeling much up for engagement photos, but at the time she and I started discussing the wedding, she had just finished her final treatment. Erin wasn’t yet sure if the time between then and August would be enough for her to feel up to the wedding, but said that whenever her day finally came, she wanted it to be a true celebration of life.  Erin got her wish.  Her wedding was held August 28, at the beautiful Doubletree Hotel in Philadelphia, PA, and it was one of the most joyful and momentous occasions I’ve ever had the privilege of photographing. So without further ado, I invite you all to view Erin’s very special wedding day through the dual perspective of myself and my talented husband Sean, who second shot this wedding with me.  Right off the bat, Erin’s dress was absolutely stunning, and her shoes were lovely and unique.”-Lauren Brimhall Photography

Real Wedding and Photography courtesy of Lauren Brimhall Photography.

Thank You Lauren for sharing this amazing wedding with us.  It’s these weddings that remind us what the big day is really about – love and happiness 🙂