Wm. Arthur Wedding Invitation

Rich in religious and historic traditions and customs, a Jewish wedding often calls for the couple and their families to consult a wedding officiate when planning their ceremony.

Judiasm has many varied approaches and interpretations of Jewish law and religious observances. Whether a Reformed, Conservative and Orthodox Jew, the guidelines for a ceremony will be most likely be set according to a set of standards.

Within each religious group, there is a myriad of expected wedding traditions that are part of the ceremony. In addition, the bride and groom will add their family traditions to enhance the wedding, and the events before and after the event.

Lady Gaga, above, is expected to attend the debut of Nicola Formichetti, the stylist responsible for her infamous meat dress, at French label Thierry Mungler's fashion show in Milan today. Photograph: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

We can hear it now, Lady Gaga’s fashionista mantra, and vocal refrain: “I wanna be me!” Actually, few really want to be L.G.. And, frankly, who could pull together a ditto L.G. look from your closet, or frig? No, yet most all the brides sing this soulful refrain, “I wanna be me!” when choosing the myriad of items, particularly the invitation for their wedding day.
Nicola Formichetti,the infamous fashion stylist-guru for L. G.’s extreme outfits including her outrageous outfit straight from the meat locker, previously seen in this blog, today, steps from the backdrop from a celebrity Muse to the runway as he becomes the new creative director of French label Thierry Mungler at the Milan Menswear show.

Who’s Who of Wedding Invitation Albums

Posted by mmaxfield on Jul 27, 2010

Your wedding invitation is a mirror of your wedding ceremony and reception.
An amazing invitation will bespeak your message, theme and entice your guests to the magic of your wedding. Frankly, ordering the invitation should be one of the first items on your agenda, after your set the date, church, venue and organized the guest list.

The process of selecting your invitation establishes your the tone and theme of the wedding; it sets the foundation for the myriad of choices you will be making throughout the process. Remember, my famous matrimony query: What is your Bridal Signature? Are your traditional, urban contemporary, or a blend of both? Understand who you are, establish your style! Carry it out with confidence and grace.

Need a little professional advice, an insider’s knowledge of what wedding invitation albums you should peruse? Which ones make the best sense in this challenging economic climate? My book, The Write Stuff, gives you a handbook on how to choose as well as provides the latest information. Need a question answered quickly, pose your question, or comment on this blog.

Here Comes the Crane Bride! Trends for 2010

Posted by mmaxfield on Jun 14, 2010

Embassy Ecruwhite Monogrammed Letterpress Wedding Set

Coast-to-coast, Crane & Co. Monogrammed Ecruwhite Letterpress Wedding Set, shown above, continues as a very popular choice for the traditional bride.

The Who’s Who of Haute Couture Houses of Stationery recently released a mid-year trend update for their Wedding Invitations. As a national etiquette expert and owner of a Houston stationery store, I have had the advantage of often visiting with the CEO’s, founders, and key spokespersons of these storied purveyors of fine wedding stationery: Crane & Co. William Arthur and Lallie.

The world of stationery mirrors the world of fashion! So, it is at the major gift markets in January, and at the NYC Stationery Show in May, that we get a birds-eye view of what continues to be the top wedding invitation designs, and an up-close and personal preview of “new and the next” by the designers in concert with the leaders of the company.

Come take the best seat in the Haute Couture Stationery House, and watch the show!

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Posted by bridalbuds on Sep 30, 2009

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