Shabby Chic, Tennessee Summer Wedding

Posted by Jeffra on Mar 09, 2012

MacKenzie & Wil

September 25

Nashville, Tennessee

From the Bride: Wil & I met through a mutual friend. Wil had moved to Nashville from Arizona to be closer to his family, who unbeknownest to us had moved a few years before into the house across the street from the home I grew up in and my parents have lived in for over 30 years. He knew where they lived but none of us knew the neighbors. When I found out they lived right across from each other, I knew it was meant to be. We had the ceremony in the front yard at Cedarwood, beneath a large tree with beautiful birdcages with flowers hanging from it. That’s pretty southern! We wanted the day to be understated, shabby-chic and whimsical.

Real Nashville Wedding: Megan + Brad

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 31, 2011

Megan + Brad

October 2010

Historic Cedarwood, Nashville, Tennessee

We love featuring weddings that took place at Historic Cedarwood in Nashville, TN.  Their team makes sure that each wedding is significant and catered to the personality and preferences of the bride and groom.  When Paul Rowland Photography sent us this wedding, we were very excited – especially because he captured the details of Megan and Brad’s day so perfectly!

Photographer: Paul Rowland Photography | Venue: Historic Cedarwood

Real Tennessee Wedding: Jen + Drew

Posted by Jeffra on Jun 22, 2010

Jen + Drew

May 15, 2010

Historic Cedarwood – Nashville, TN

“They are Southern born and raised, always up for adventure, love to have fun, love country music and are known to sing a tune or two.  They love fresh green spaces and their May 15 wedding at Cedarwood was full of relaxed beauty, playful details, romantic southern charm, vintage chic and high style. How’s that for a recipe for country wedding perfection? After Jennifer and Drew spoke their vows to each other in a touching garden ceremony adorned with spring Peonies, southern Hydrangea, English garden roses and wildflowers, they invited guests to the Cedarwood barn for the first phase of their celebration.” -The Cedarwood Design Team


Wedding venue:  Cedarwood

Floral and design:  Cedarwood

Photography: Souder Photography

You can also check out a video of some more gorgeous photos on the Cedarwood Weddings blog!

Real Vintage Wedding: Jillian + Ryan

Posted by Jeffra on May 10, 2010

Jillian + Ryan

September 2009

Location: Historic Cedarwood

There are vintage style weddings and then there are weddings that incorporate family heirlooms which style the wedding as vintage!

“Jillian’s style was full of romance and authentically vintage elements. Antique lace, family portraits, heirloom pearls and cameos graced everything from wedding invitations to bouquets to decor. These enchanting elements were anchored by one magnificent style statement: Jillian’s heirloom wedding dress!

Featuring intricate details, trim, appliques and cotton crochet lace, this custom designed dress was handmade by her maternal grandmother and worn by her mother when she married Jillian’s father. Jillian is stunning and purely original in this perfect fitting dress.  We absolutely adore the next two photos  of Jillian’s grandmother and mother helping her into her wedding dress.  Some things really are priceless.” -The Cedarwood Design Team


Photography Courtesy of: Cedarwood Design Team

Real Wedding: Jessica + Dustin

Posted by Jeffra on Apr 27, 2010

Jessica + Dustin

September 2010

Nashville, TN

Jessica and Dustin are Cincinnati, OH residents but had a destination wedding at Cedarwood.  Justin’s custom designed suit and Jessica’s romantic dress, headpiece and shoes were perfect compliments to their country chic style.

Real-Weddings-Jessica + DustinReal-Weddings-Jessica + Dustin-2

Venue:  Cedarwood

Design: Cedarwood Design Team

Photography: Amy Campbell of Angela Anderson Photography