2011 Forecasting – Fashion

Posted by acursaro on Feb 11, 2011

In the second part of my 2011 Forecast (first up was Color Combinations if you missed it), I’ll dish on all the gorgeous fashion you’re bound to see this upcoming year!

1.  Sophistication – Couples everywhere are getting back to the old school sophistication of weddings – bridesmaids in black, brides with their hair in simple chignons and men in black tuxes, no frills.  Simple sophistication equals a gorgeous and timeless wedding – no worries that you’ll regret your design choices when you look back at your photos in twenty years.

2.  Bridal Hair Accessories – It’s been all veils and headpieces in the past few years, but I see a growing amount of women wearing bling in their hair on their big day!  Gem-laden hair accessories provide just enough glitz to be attractive without being distractive.

3.  Bridesmaids in Patterns – This 2011 trend can be a tricky one to pull off – you don’t want to overpower the your own bridal gown, yet you have to make sure the pattern compliments your entire theme.  The pictured Eliza J Dress from Nordstrom would be perfect for a fun, flirty summer wedding where the bride is dressed in a pouffy cocktail dress and her bouquet reflects the colors of the bridesmaid dresses.  Oh, and one more thing, think small bridal party for this one – twelve girls in patterned dresses might give your guests blurred vision 🙂

4.  Textures – Growing on last year’s trend of layering and draping, the fashion trend of incorporating texture this year is bound to be a huge hit!  Mixing different textures, not only in your gown, but in your decor is a fabulous way to embrace the current 3D craze while still being tasteful and beautiful.

5.  ’70’s Chic – We’ve seen weddings inspired by the ’50’s and ’60’s, so now it’s time to look to the next generation for inspiration!

Row One:  Bridal Party Image by bobbi + mike; Bride Photo by Susan Stripling Photography

Row Two:  Eliza J Belted Cotton Party Dress from Nordstrom

Row Three:   Bridal Party Image by Max Wanger; Bridal Gown by Elizabeth Dye

Fabulous Fascinator

Posted by bridalbuds on Feb 03, 2011

While trying on wedding gowns, my consultant, Michelle, asked if I’d like to try on a veil. I told her I was going sans veil, opting for just a flower in my hair. She ran away and came back with this adorable fascinator that looked fantastic with my dress. It was a white flower made of feathers and offered just enough bling to add some sparkle, but not blind my guests. But, I didn’t buy the headpiece because I figured for $50 I could buy something from Etsy that was handmade and better quality.

Plus, I wanted to check out my options. And options were aplenty when Orchid Boy and I took a trip to the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville. What Renn Faire isn’t complete with a shop offering feathered wares? When I spotted this artisan, Feathers for Pleasure, I hit the fascinator jackpot. I sent Orchid Boy off to go do boy things because I knew I’d be in there for a while.

My eyes immediately went for a bright blue piece and it looked fantastic. I then tried on a white feathered piece, with a hint of color provided by one single peacock feather. I weighed my options. I could go for the more bridal headpiece or my “something blue”.

I finally put down the “something blue” because all I could think of was Carrie Bradshaw’s dead blue bird a la the Sex and the City movie.

A Hair Trend We Love

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 16, 2010

There is something very elegant about some of the hair accessories we’re seeing. Here are a few “flower” looks that caught our attention:

Photo: Ami Christianson

Photo: Ami Christianson

Photo: Eily Hallagan

Photo: Eily Hallagan

Photo: Yuliya Dagayeva

Photo: Yuliya Dagayeva

Photo: Kerri Wyspianski

Photo: Kerri Wyspianski

Adorable Headbands

Posted by Plumeria Blossom on Jun 11, 2009

From blueeyedfreckle.etsy.com

From blueeyedfreckle.etsy.com

I was in one of my favorite Atlanta boutiques over the weekend and saw the cutest handmade felt headbands by Blue Eyed Freckle. It’s too late (and thematically unsuitable) for my wedding, but I can picture an indie/crafty bride and her maids totally rocking them! Or even a funky lil’ flower girl.

Styles come and go

Posted by WeddingAces on May 07, 2009

Chic, vintage-inspired hair accessories (jewelry, feathers, clips, hair combs, headbands) are definitely a trend we expect to flourish this year. Brides can wear their traditional veils down the aisle then make a quick change for the reception.

We always talk to our brides about incorporating their own personal style. Hair accessories are a great way to incorporate your unique imprint or quirky personality.