Top 10 Wedding Hairstyles For 2014

Posted by Caitlin on Mar 25, 2014


Photos (from left to right) Hair and Makeup by Steph and Blue Rose Photography

With everything from guest lists, caterers and the general chaos of wedding planning, it can be easy to forget about the smaller details of the big day. Your hair is an essential part of your wedding day look, and our Fashion Editor has gathered the top 10 styles of the year to inspire you. Whether you want a glamorous updo or cascading waves, there’s sure to be something for every bridal style. And don’t forget to check out WeddingWire’s hair photo galleries for even more inspiration too!

My New Beauty Go-To

Posted by violet on Mar 18, 2013

With the wedding five months away, I’ve been focusing on getting my skin ready to be out and about both on the wedding day and on our honeymoon.

I have always had problems with my skin. I have really fair skin (hello, sunburn!) and it’s also very oily. I also have this awful patch of red bumps on the backs of my arms that I have had as long as I can remember. In doing some research, I found that one of the best and most natural things you can use on your skin is coconut oil!

Well, Garden let me tell you about my new love affair with this fantastic grocery item! It has not only started clearing up those red bumps (that I have literally tried to cure with every skin care product under the sun!) but it’s also made my face less oily and my legs 10x more moisturized!

I was so worried about walking down the aisle and people noticing the red bumps on the back of my arms. It’s something I’ve always been self-conscious of and no matter how much I exfoliated, lotioned and repeated, they never went away. I’m so excited to say that by just using a little bit of coconut oil after every shower the bumps are going away!

So, this is just a little plug for all you brides, future brides, wives and just plain readers look into the fabulous effects that coconut oil can have on your skin and your health. I plan on using it every day from now until the wedding and from there on out! I just bought a giant tub of it for $16 at Costco, so it’s really affordable. It’s great for your hair too! It’s got a lot of awesome uses, and you can use it to cook with too. In my mind, it’s an all around awesome product!

Have you used coconut oil as a beauty product in preparation for your wedding? What other non-conventional beauty products do you use?

The Little Things

Posted by violet on Sep 26, 2012

The other day I was reading a bridal magazine, and I came across a beauty timeline that made me realize a few things I had never thought of.

When it comes to the wedding, most brides think about the beauty-type things they’ll do in the days leading up to the wedding: Getting your nails done, your hair done, getting a tan (real or fake, I don’t judge), getting your make-up done and all of the little things that you do to pamper yourself.

What most brides, including myself, don’t think about is the beauty timeline leading up to a wedding, and the little things that you need to start thinking about LONG before you start choosing your nail polish color or how you’ll be doing your hair. So here are three things you may or may not have thought about working on and when you need to start working on them:

1. Hair

This seems pretty obvious, and most brides tend to grow out their hair when they first get engaged to get those beautiful curls and updos that appear in all the wedding magazines. However, did you know that along with growing out your hair, you can also take vitamins to make it healthier and shinier on the big day? Go to your local hairdresser and ask what he or she recommends to help grow out healthy hair and go as soon as possible! The longer you give your hair to soak up those vitamins and allow it to grow, the more beautiful it will look on your wedding day! (Another perk: It helps your nails grow and look healthy too!) And then, don’t think I’m crazy, but a few weeks before the wedding, go get those dead ends trimmed off, and you’ll be amazed at how much healthier your hair looks and feels!

2. Arms and Back

While a lot of brides just focus on losing weight for the wedding, who wants to have flabby arms in a strapless dress? Even if you do an hour of hardcore cardio on the elliptical every day, it isn’t going to give you defined arms. Don’t skip the free weights and push ups even if you start a few months before the wedding, it will make a world of difference!

3. Eyebrows

This was the little detail I hadn’t really thought about, but it is something that could potentially need to be faced as soon as possible. If your eyebrows are like mine-thick and dark-then begin early by trimming them or having them waxed into a shape that suits your face. If you have plucked your eyebrows into near oblivion and they are barely existent, then your stylist can help you grow them back into a more suitable shape long before your wedding day arrives. Keep in mind that your eyebrows are the frames of your face. But start early, because those beauties won’t grow back in a day! (Side note: The same could be said for the groom.)

Of course, there are more things you can start on early, nails, skin, teeth whitening, tanning, etc., but I thought three would make a good list. Just remember, it’s never too early to start on your beauty routine, whether you just got engaged or you’re two years away from your wedding, those little details are what will make an already beautiful bride even more beautiful!

The Best Hairstyle for You: The Series…

Posted by jnorrie on Jun 01, 2009

The most asked question I am sure every wedding hairstylist hears is, “What style is best for me?”.  My approach to that question, and the one my Team Members are trained to follow, is to look to the client’s bone structure and face shape for direction.  I know, I know – the magazines tell you over and over to design a style based on your wedding dress.  Rubbish!  You chose a dress because it looked good on you not because it matched the style of your wedding.  Yes, that is a factor in the final decision but, if the dress didn’t look amazing on it would not have mattered if it fit the theme of the wedding or not.  Same is true for hair!

Beachy? Romantic? Elegant?  You be the judge...

Beachy? Romantic? Elegant? You be the judge...