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After you get engaged it can be daunting to figure out where to start. Fortunately, WeddingWire’s 5-Step Planning Guide will help you get organized to begin planning your wedding, stress-free. Want a sneak peek? Check out the five wedding planning steps we recommend:

  1. Announce Your Engagement – Share one of our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ – friendly badges with family and friends. Our favorites? “We’re Gettin’ hitched,” “I have a sparkly new accessory!,” and “Bridezilla to-be.” 
  2. Set a Date – You’ve probably heard this question over and over since two minutes after you got engaged. “When’s the big day?” “Have you set a date?” Break out your calendar and figure out the season and date for your wedding celebration. Once you have that taken care of, receive a FREE personalized checklist to help you stay organized throughout the process.
  3. Create a Budget – Before you start searching for vendors, you’ll need to figure out how much you can spend on your wedding. Use our budget tool to manage your expenses, track spending, and set up payment schedules.
  4. Start Your Guest List – Are you going to have a big wedding with all of your nearest and dearest or a small and intimate one? While you don’t have to have your final guest list right away, you’ll still need an estimate in order to figure out your venue needs.
  5. Find Your Venue – Ballroom or beach? Barn or historic mansion? There are so many venues to choose from, so be sure to read our expert advice to figure out your venue style. And with WeddingWire’s vendor catalog, you can read newlywed reviews of venues near you to find the perfect place for your wedding celebration.

Want even more tips and advice about starting to plan your wedding? Visit WeddingWire’s 5-Step Planning Guide!

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8 Things You Can Only Do When You’re Engaged

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 16, 2014


Photo: F/Stop Poetry 

After you’ve shared your (new) engagement on social media, it’s time to celebrate! From constantly staring at your ring and calling your significant other “fiance” to getting manicures and becoming inspired online, here are 8 activities you can ONLY do while planning your wedding. 

Yesterday, we shared a sneak peek of Megan and Erik’s engagement session from WeddingWire’s FallBook 2013, but we forgot to mention that it’s on a farm. Days before Thanksgiving, the couple brought their theatre backgrounds center stage for F/stop Poetry. And a few props too — a blanket, their favorite coffee mugs, and of course, apples, since the prime picking time was in mid-September.