15 Creative Foods To Serve Your Guests

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 15, 2013


Photo: Rennard Photography

Can’t decide what to serve at your wedding reception? From hors d’oeuvres to entrees and desserts to late-night snacks, every guest secretly expects the food to be absolutely amazing. Create a standout menu with some of these 15 options that they can chow down on.

Bon Appetit!

Posted by bridalbuds on Jun 21, 2011

In April, the Magnolias and my family went to a Menu Tasting. All the engaged couples getting married at the Chateau and their families were invited to taste a selection of the 2011 wedding menu. This was just a sample… but we loved it so much we decided to go with exactly what was served. So here is what we will serve on our wedding day!

To start, appetizers with the cocktails…

Kids at Your Wedding Part II: Kid Food

Posted by tgkdesigns on Jun 02, 2011

At the last wedding my family went to, my kids thought they had died and gone to heaven when the waiter rolled out with plates piled high with chicken fingers, fries, and individual serving bowls of ketchup, just for them. While I as their parent had been fully prepared to load them up with whatever was on the adult buffet, and had snacks aplenty in my purse, the kid food was an unexpected – though much-appreciated – special gesture. It let us know that the bride and groom had put some extra thought into making all of their guests happy, even the kids.

Check with your caterer to see what your options are for kid food. Since this food is typically inexpensive and easy to prepare, you may be surprised at what a budget-friendly option this can be. Here are some ideas for welcoming just a few (or a whole crew!) of kids:

1. Special Plates: If you’re only expecting a handful of kids, it’s probably most cost effective to order just the number of kid-food plates you need. And while you may be giving your grown up guests the option of chicken or fish, it’s really not necessary to ask little Nancy to select “pizza or mac-n-cheese.” Believe me, Nancy will be thrilled with any option that isn’t available on the hand-rolled sushi bar!

Rethinking the Usual: Food Trends of 2011

Posted by fkhosravi on Feb 02, 2011

If you like to live in the City, you should know this already. We are being surprised on a daily basis with the new amazing stuff that our talented chefs are coming up with. I believe New York’s fast paced life style, demand of wanting something new, exciting and different combined with its ever changing fashion trends is what’s driving them to come up with new ideas every day.

Below is my list of the trends for 2011 that amazed me! These are the things that I have heard of, saw or tried myself.

Unexpected Ingredients – One of the biggest trends in the city is “Vegetable Dessert”. It did not sound very inviting to me at first but once I tried Beet Macaroon! I loved it. You would never think you are eating a vegetable.

Mixing the cultures – Try Mexican/Italian Pasta or Persian Ghorme Sabzi Pizza and to top it all remember Chef Daniel’s French Twist on Traditional American Thanksgiving Dinner last year?

Be Different – Have you tried ABC Kitchen’s Sunny side up pizza? Or in another restaurant I saw “Specially Hand Cut” steak tartar? Or Pernod Flip cocktail which has lemon, eggs and nutmeg in it? Talking about being different, try Elixir G. This new ginger mix tastes awesome in your drink and adds a bit of spice to it.

Two Totally Different Takes on The Same Color Scheme

Posted by acursaro on Jun 24, 2010

Many brides fall in love a certain color scheme only to feel that it’s particular to a certain style or season – like blue and silver for a winter wedding or cotton candy pink with teal for a funky designed day.  Well, I’m here to prove that it’s not always the case!  I took a color palette of oranges and greens and put them to work in two totally different inspiration boards – the first fun and modern, the other classy and elegant.  It’s all in the details!!


Row One:  Green Dresses with Bridesmaid Bouqut Image by Ellie Grover Photography; Invitation Photo from 100 Layer Cake
Row Two:  Sushi Image Captured by Carrie Patterson Photography; Bridal Shoes Photo by Jonilyn Photography; “Just Married” Banner Image from 100 Layer Cake
Row Three:  Bride and Groom Photo by bobbi + mike; Wedding Sign Captured by Garrett Nudd Photography
Row One:  My Sweet & Saucy Cake;  Invitation Suite by Brown Sugar Design Studio
Row Two:  Bouquet Image by Brandy J Photography; Bride and Groom Image from Green Wedding Shoes
Row Three:  Chair Detail from Sunday Suppers; Shoe Photo by Nely Photo; Green Pomander Image from Cocktails & Details