Vintage, Shabby Chic Love Story: Hillari and Danny

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 11, 2011

Hillari + Danny

September 2010

Waveny Mansion – New Canaan, CT

From the Photographers: “Like any focused bride, Hillari knew exactly how she wanted her wedding day to be. She had a clear vision – from the attire to the details, the decor to the entertainment and they all came together to create a classic, romantic wedding – a complete reflection of Hillari herself. All of the details of the day provided glimpses into Hillari’s personality. Her Modern Trousseau gown overflowing with ruffles, made it clear to anyone that had any doubt, Hillari was a hopeless romantic. Throughout the entire reception were little notes and gifts for her guests, gestures that showed her thoughtful nature and reminded their friends and family just how much they mean to them. Of course, there was one person she had thought of in particular: her groom, Danny. For him, she had a very special detail: a specially made groom’s cake in the shape of a plane done by DiMare Pastry Shop. It was a nod to his hobby and especially significant to them as a couple since he had proposed using his airplane (to read that story, click here). But if there was one thing evident throughout the whole day, it was that all the work and planning that went into the wedding were the result of just how much Hillari loves Danny. And when they were on the dance floor together during the reception and Hillari looked around at the room, you could tell she knew the day was even better than she could have ever hoped it would be. Because at the end of the day, Danny was now her husband and the wedding ring on his finger was the very best detail of all.

Like any smart groom, Danny knew that his number one goal that day was to make sure Hillari was happy. And that he did – walking to greet her and take her hand as she walked down the aisle in the church, remarking over and over again about how stunning she looked that day, grabbing and swinging her around on the dance floor throughout the night. He was the vision of the perfect groom, not just because of all the things he was doing, but because of how he was doing them. Every gesture was an honest expression of how he felt. Taking her hand in the church, letting her know that he will be by her side and protect her from now on. Telling her how beautiful she looked – he knew she would, but it was important for him to let her know just how much she wowed him that day, as she does every day. Grabbing her and swinging her around on the dance floor – reminding her that she makes him happier than he has ever been before, free to express his joy and let all his family and friends know that this is the one woman in the world that makes me feel this way.” Rob and Kathleen Photographers