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Recently, WeddingWire asked couples to share all the inside details about shopping for an engagement ring and we want to you to guess how they responded! We’ll share the actual results tomorrow, but for now, tell us what you think:

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Spring is finally here after long months of winter and what better way to say HELLO spring than with some fabulous bling! Our favorites are Tacori, Jeff Cooper and Verragio, all designers who specialize in halos, vintage and three stone rings.

Some of our favorite rings for spring:

Just because your ring is an unusual style or shape doesn’t mean it will be impossible to find a matching wedding band- most designers, especially Tacori, Jeff Cooper and Verragio, make rings that match all of their engagement styles specifically for that reason.  If you don’t like the exact match, all of the rings come from a specific collection that will have a similar look and feel of your ring, so you can always mix and match.  Plus, you can always match a ring with a simple plain band of platinum or even an eternity band!

If you have any additional questions, please let us know, and we would love to help you find the perfect ring at Mervis Diamond Importers!

Eco-Friendly Jewelry for Everyone

Posted by kharrison on May 29, 2013

Here at the Green Bride Guide, we have compiled a list of our favorite engagement and wedding band sets from our wedding shop. Not only are they sustainable and unique, but they are also unisex and look great on any couple whether they are gay, straight or transgender. Our ring sets are for everyone and are created using recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones. These ring styles are perfect as his and his, hers and hers or his and hers sets!

This recycled gold wedding band set is ideal for a modern couple. This is a handcrafted piece of jewelry made of recycled yellow gold with a unique square shape.

 Photo: Recycled Gold Modern Square Band, Anne Holman Jewelry

This round cut band set is a perfect size made entirely from titanium with a silky mirror like finish.

   Photo: Round Cut Band Set, Jewelry by Johan

The inlay band set is made from genuine Gibeon meteorite that fell to Earth billions of years ago and was discovered in Namibia in 1838. The crystalline grain structure is very unique and contains “widmanstatten” lines that were caused by the meteorite slowly cooling.

Photo: Meteorite Inlay Band Set, Jewelry by Johan

This ring set comes with two rings: one has a titanium inlay with Mokume Gane (wood grain) and the other is made from Damascus stainless steel with a bird’s eye patterns. The Mokume consists of silver and copper mixed together in a pattern. The stainless steel is 100 percent corrosion-resistant and  does not require special treatment.

Photo: Momuke Gane Band Set, Jewelry by Johan

For more rings and jewelry visit our Wedding Shop!

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Recently engaged? Congrats! You’re probably spending a lot of time staring at your newest piece of jewelry – your engagement ring – and for good reason. It’s a pretty precious gift, something you’ll want to take good care of for the rest of your life. And the best way to do that is that to make sure you get your ring insured. Like, right now. We talked to Patrick Drummond, VP of Sales & Marketing at Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance to find out some expert tips about getting your ring insured and protected.

When should a couple start thinking about insurance?

Considering that at this point in a bride’s life, an engagement ring is likely her second-most valuable possession (behind her car), ring insurance is extremely important. Not only are engagement and wedding rings often costly, they are sentimentally priceless, making personal jewelry insurance even more important. No matter how careful you are, jewelry can be lost or damaged. Ideally, a newly engaged couple should obtain engagement or wedding ring insurance at the time they purchase the rings, but if a ring is uninsured or under-insured it’s never too late to get a policy.

Ring Shopping 101

Posted by Kim on Apr 29, 2013

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In the market for an engagement ring or wedding bands? Check out this Q&A with ring pro Paula Sands of Allurez for expert advice on ring shopping.

How can a “ring giver” get an idea of the type and style the recipient would like without directly asking?

Chances are if the “ring giver” really listens to his girlfriend, she’s already given him some hints. Did she comment on a friend’s engagement ring? Mention what she liked about it? That’s important information that could lead him to her dream ring.

Another way to get an idea of the type and style ring she might like is to start looking at ads in magazines, and see which ones she gravitates to.  Or, go onto a website where you can design your own engagement ring and look at styles that might be similar to other rings she owns and wears.

Perhaps the easiest way is to use what you love best about her personality.  If she has a simple personality, she will probably enjoy a traditional solitaire ring. And if you’re girl is flashy, you might want to look at halo settings or side stone accents for that little added bling.