Guest Post by Anne Chertoff

Iconic stationery company Crane & Co. released a number of new designs that stray from the traditional ecru card with small black fonts. Bright colors, bold lettering and mixing of sans serif and serif fonts, laser-cut detailing and die-cut cards were fresh additions to the Crane & Co. Wedding I Album. The new designs will be available starting in July 2012 at retailers around the country.

Engraved Fifth Avenue Fete Wedding Suite by Crane & Co.
Photo courtesy of Crane & Co.

Autumn Aspen leaves at 10,000 feet above Breckenridge, Colorado last week. Reminder of all the possibilities that change can bring. Photo, Marjorie Maxfield

What a surprise!

One of the more popular wedding invitation album vendors, Encore Studios, headquartered in northern New Jersey, cease to do business this week, with a formal announcement today to its dealers.

Although we had no working orders with Encore this week, ( I have a stationery store in Houston, Texas) we had placed telephone calls to the firm for information on availability of stock, and no one answered the phone. With the zanny weather on the East Coast lately, we didn’t bat an eye and thought they will get the phones back on shortly.

Who would have thought a firm of this stature, doing business for 32 years, would close their doors overnight. Which, apparently they did.

How to Shop like an Ace for Wedding Invitations!

Posted by mmaxfield on Jul 19, 2011

The Crane Bride! A Royal Blush! Princess Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Grace of Monaco.

Postcard flashbacks of Princess Grace Kelly, Cote d’Azur, and the Wedding of the Century!

Fast forward. Princess Kate. Great Britain. The 2011 Crane Bride. Contemporary, classic and anywhere in between.

Prince William, Kate Middleton

Both Princesses exude beauty, confidence. Take a page from the Princess Diaries before you shop for your wedding invitation! True beauty comes from within to be expressed in everything you do.

Stationery Show Recap: Formal Wedding Invitations

Posted by Guest Blogger on May 31, 2011

Guest Post By:  Anne Chertoff

After the grandeur of the royal wedding last month many brides are finding inspiration in the formal details of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big day.  The Queen who hosted the wedding mailed formal invitations — thick white cardstock with gilded edges and gold engraved lettering — to the 1,900 wedding ceremony guests.

For couples who are planning a formal wedding only a formal wedding invitation will do, but formal doesn’t limit you to white or ivory mixed with black or gold lettering.  A formal wedding invitation can have colors, a monogram or icon, as well as a serif or sans serif font.  Here are 7 creative wedding invitations in a formal style:

His & Her Monogram

Formal Crane Monogram Invitations

This classic wedding invitation is a pearl white card hand engraved with silver ink, but you can choose from a rainbow of colors and a variety of fonts for the wording.  The top of the invitation features a monogram with the bride and groom’s first initials.  A coordinating grosgrain ribbon, you choose the color, is placed over the couples names in the center of the invitation.  The invitation suite includes both an outer and inner envelope, invitation, response card and envelope and reception card.  Embassy Pearl White & Beach Glass Invitation Set with Ribbon by Crane & Co., 100 sets for $620

Lace-Like Pattern

Many brides use their wedding dress as inspiration for their wedding cake so why not use your wedding dress to inspire your wedding invitation?  This elegant design features a lace-like border in a subtle shade of gray.  The wedding invitation wording is a mix of block and cursive fonts.  The invitation suite includes the invitation, outer envelope, response card and response envelope.  Gretchen by Gwyneth Paige, pricing for 100 sets starts at $1,540

Create a Crest With Your First Names

Instead of designing a monogram this crest motif features both the bride and groom’s first names encircled by a decorative flourish.  The mandarin colored card is engraved with oyster-colored ink.  Mandarin Invitation by Vera Wang Fine Papers Folio Collection, 100 invitations and outer envelopes, $696