Pantone Color of the Year 2015!

Posted by Caitlin on Dec 11, 2014


Photo by Courtney Bowlden Photography

Introducing the color everybody’s talking about: Marsala! We’ve been swooning over this deep burgundy-red ever since Pantone revealed it as the new “it” color last week. This sophisticated shade would make the perfect addition to a rich, romantic palette, a lovely complement to a jewel tone scheme, or even a nice accent to an organic, woodsy aesthetic. Check out our Marsala gallery for some great ways to infuse your wedding decor with what Pantone calls a “hearty yet stylish tone.”

Bold & Bright: Our Favorite Jewel Tones Paired 4 Ways

Posted by Caitlin on Dec 20, 2013


There’s no reason to limit yourself to a pale palette when planning a winter wedding. Think bold and bright jewel tones such as ruby red, golden yellow, sapphire blue, and emerald green! WeddingWire’s WinterBook 2013 has paired each four ways, so your guaranteed to find a color scheme to suite your style.

Top 10 Color Schemes for 2013

Posted by Caitlin on Feb 18, 2013

Photos (clockwise from top left): Melissa McCrotty Photography, Lauren Brooks Photography, Rockrose Floral Design and Amy Majors Photography

1. Blush + Gray

2. Lavendar + Mint

3. Teal + Beige

4. Nectarine + Neon Pink

5. Chocolate + Sunflower Yellow

6. Emerald + Navy Blue

7. Poppy Red + Black

8. Pink + Champagne Gold

9. White + Blueberry

10. Plum + Silver

Which color scheme would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!


Here at WeddingWire, we’re always looking for the top wedding trends from around the country. So every week, we’ll ask a group of vendors from all over the U.S. the same question and share their (often very different!) answers.

This week, we asked wedding planners from around the country: What is the hot color scheme in your neck of the woods at the moment? Why do you think this color scheme is so popular right now? What season and/or type of venue do you think this type of color palette would work best in?

Katie Hess of Seize the Day Events in Green Bay, Wisconsin: “Neutral and natural palettes featuring colors like burlap, golds, and champagnes. Brides are moving toward more eco-friendly, natural, and personal weddings – nothing fake or plastic. This color scheme would fit in well in a garden, on a beach, or at a home on the lake.”

A Colorful Wedding Without A Color Scheme

Posted by bridalbuds on Feb 21, 2011

On at least five separate occasions, I’ve been asked, “What are your wedding colors?” And the truth is, we don’t have any. Which is not to say that our wedding will be void of color — in fact, quite the opposite is true — but at no point did we sit down and pick a two- or three-color scheme for our wedding.

Is that so shocking?

Yes, apparently it is.

Instead, the guiding aesthetic principle for our wedding is: jewel tones. We’re getting married in a stately private club that is already outfitted with rich wood accents, gilded chandeliers and magnificent stained glass windows. It has so much personality going for it already, we thought committing to an arbitrary three-color scheme would just look and feel forced.