Color Me Married

Posted by violet on Sep 15, 2010

When Violet Dude and I started planning our wedding, one of our first projects was figuring our our color scheme. We knew we wanted a vintage/shabby chic type feeling, and I love muted earth tones. I saw a tiny little picture in a Bridal magazine, of a bouquet that used peach peonies and lambs ear and knew exactly what kind of colors we’d be using.  While looking at Bridesmaid’s dresses, I stumbled upon the perfect color. Dusty Shale (From J. Crew).  After that our scheme came together. We now have the Dusty Shale as the main color with pinks, yellows, peaches and greys all flowing through in the details.  These colors fit our theme and make us happy!

I have noticed that so many brides are going with very similar color themes.  Ive been seeing a lot of aqua and white, lilac and cream, and pink and brown. But there are some new color combinations that are becoming more popular and really make a statement.

Red and Aqua with an Ivory accent

Color Palettes Made Easier!

Posted by Jeffra on Jun 30, 2010

It can be very overwhelming to stick to the same shade of color when planning your wedding.  When you tell your vendors you want yellow and gray – yellow could mean gold yellow, cream yellow, daisy yellow; gray could mean charcoal, slate, silverish- and then you end up with a mix match of ideas for decor.  Which is why we were excited to find out that the Dessy Group, who recently launched PANTONE Wedding, have partnered with Wedding Paper Divas to make this whole color situation a little bit easier.  Now you can choose the color of your bridesmaid dresses, flower girl, ring bearer, and grooms tie/vest to match your invitations!  They also have included accessories, like shoes, head bands, clutches, and jewelry that also come in the same colors.  We’ve created a couple swatches as reference, but definitely go play around yourself – it’s very fun!

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Dessy Group

Wedding Paper Divas

Color Palettes….

Posted by bridalbuds on Apr 22, 2010

When picking a color palette for our wedding I was apparently very tongue tied- so says my MOH/Invitation Goddess/Graphic Designer. MOH had to fill me in on how to properly name colors and carry around a palette so that I did not wind up with the wrong colors.

But first how was I supposed to pick colors!?! As a Doctor of Audiology student I am quite good with sounds and know exactly which songs to pick and what not to… but colors I believe I must have failed that section of Kindergarten. So Cherry Dude and I sat down to discuss. We came up with a bullet pointed list (ahhh how we love lists) of important points about our wedding: we wanted it to be intimate, simple, romantic, peaceful, rustic, cozy and personal. How does one put together a color scheme to fit that…? We were at a loss. So we thought of all the reasons we decided to marry in peaceful Sedona rather than here in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix).