The Aurora Borealis phenomenon experienced in early September, 2013 in far northeast Alberta, Canada. Traveling from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to capture the Northern Lights, the couple above, both physicians, were crossing western Canada on their second honeymoon. They both agreed, "This is the most romantic spot ever!"


When I penned the penultimate destination wedding reviews for WeddingWire, Chateau Lake Louise: Is There Any Other Place in the World to Be Married? I realized, like a bride-to-be on the eve of her engagement, I was more than smitten, I was head-over-heels in love with the Canadian Rockies. What to do? Return!

So, my 2013 autumn sojourn? Back to the Canadian Rockies to the ultimate mountain wedding destination.

My spirits are soaring. The perfect reasons to travel: wilderness photos and bespoke wedding planning.

Three resorts and a wedding

The Ultimate Canadian Wedding Resorts?
Fairmont’s Hotel & Resorts:
Jasper Park Lodge
Chateau Lake Louise
Baniff Springs
Today’s couples want a wedding destination with a twist.
Why not have your wedding and honeymoon span three world-class mountain resorts? All three Fairmont Canadian resorts are world-class, surrounded by stunning mountain ranges and peaks. Whether an outdoor sports enthusiast, or you prefer to just dine, dance and spa, the myriad of  amenities and facilities available for both your wedding and honeymoon is incredible.
Three resorts! The possibilities? Endless. Think of a wedding at Jasper Park Lodge– the retreat for decades of celebrities, high tech moguls, sports stars and America’s leading families such as the Rockerfellers, Kennedys as well as the must-see stop for Queen Elizabeth II and her family.
All three resorts are located in Alberta, Canada within a half-days days drive of one anothe along the most beautiful drives in the world, the Baniff-Jasper Highway?
The Ultimate 3 Wedding Resorts in the Canadian Rockies is a three part series, coming to WeddingWire shortly.

The Aurora Borealis

Can there be another out of this world Canadian destination for newlyweds? Yes,the Aurora Boeralis.

This is a once-in-a lifetime-dream, to experience and photograph the illusive Aurora Borealis. It is also known as the Northern Lights.

I traveled to far northeast Albert, Canada, six weeks ago, to spend a long weekend with six other enthusiasts from Brazil, Australia and America. With two Aurora Borealis professionals– one a Ph.D and the other a top notch photographer– at our service, we scanned what is know as “one of the darkest places on earth” to best see the the magnificent Canadian skies lit with constellations, the Milky Way and the Aurora Borealis.

We had three nights of lights, a very rare occurrence even on the 59th parallel. Light shows in every hue, on every horizon.

A young, married couple, both physicians from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil exclaimed to me, the last night at 2:30 am,”This is the most romantic place ever!”

Today’s couple want a honeymoon with a twist! Plan your wedding ceremony nearby and set off on an adventure: the Aurora Borealis!

Next stop: Jasper Park Lodge

Which Celebrity’s Oscar Dress Would You Wear?

Posted by Caitlin on Feb 27, 2013

Dress Designer (from left to right): Watters

Only the best-dressed stars were on the red carpet at the 2013 Oscars, and we know you want to steal their looks, but who? Jennifer Lawrence continued to follow the pink wedding gown trend in her Dior Haute couture dress, while many others like Amanda Seyfried and Sandra Bullock decided to adorn themselves in lace and beading with Alexander McQueen and Elie Saab gowns, respectively. Don’t forget the sequins on Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman’s gowns or how Charlize Theron rocked the peplum, which is one of our top 10 wedding dress trends this year. Wow, what a fashionable night to remember.

Hypothetically speaking, which actress’s gown would you wear at your wedding? Let us know in the poll below!

Which celebrity's oscar dress would you wear?

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Oh, what a night!

I sat riveted to the television; to the American Fab 5; to the twists, the turns, and feats of balance and daring-do on the beam; to the trio of performances on the floor that, “just nailed it;” and to the team that brought home the glory and the gold.

As “The Star-Spangled Banner” played, another golden Olympic victory began to unfold, frame-by-frame in my mind’s eye: Mary Lou Retton’s perfect 10 performance at the XXIII Olympics in Los Angeles!

Yet, the best memory of all, came to mind: the afternoon I sat down with Mary Lou and wrote her wedding invitation.

First, watch this interview with Mary Lou Retton’s and commentary of her Olympic achievements.

What is it like to write a wedding invitation for Mary Lou Retton? Read on!