Bridal Shower Decor Must-Haves

Posted by Alexandra on Mar 12, 2015


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Hosting a shower in honor of your bestie bride-to-be? The recipe for an unforgettable wedding shower is simple: a great group of girls, some thoughtful gifts, and—of course—a pretty party scene! Dress up your space with some of these decorative accents and festive accessories and prepare to throw a fabulous bridal bash she’ll always remember.

Build The Perfect Bridal Shower

Posted by Caitlin on Mar 19, 2014


The time has come for you (the maid of honor) and other ‘maids to plan the perfect bridal shower! Feeling completely lost? From invitations to favors and everything in between, check out WeddingWire’s SpringBook 2014 for some inspirational themes:

Bridal Shower Gifts: There is More than Kitchenware!

Posted by csancho on Nov 04, 2013

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

The nice thing about a bridal shower is that it is 100% about the bride. This means that your gift for the bride can be items to help build the soon to be newlywed’s new home, be sentimental, or can be a gift meant to just dote on the bride.

Gifts for the Home 

Gifts for the home, like kitchenware, linens, towels, lamps, etc., are always great. These gifts are more function oriented and are perfect if you don’t necessarily know the bride as well as some of the other guests. A great mixing bowl set, super soft sheets, or a toaster, won’t look like you don’t know the bride, but instead imply that you are excited for the new home and adventure she is about to embark on. These types of gifts are usually what you will find on the gift registry.

Sentimental Gifts

A girl’s wedding is going to be one of the more emotional and joyous day of her life. For the bridal shower, something sentimental could be a great way of encouraging the bride to enjoy every minute of it and show her how much you care. These gifts come more appropriately from the mother of the bride or soon to be mother in law, the best friend, grandma, or someone who feels extremely close to the bride. Some suggestions for gifts:

  • The bride handkerchief (this can also be given on the wedding day)
  •  A photo album for the big day that perhaps include wedding day photos of her parents, grandparents, and in-laws.
  •  A locket to tell the bride to never forget the love in her heart  (Origami Owl has some great and completely personalized lockets!)

Doting on the Bride

These are the pampering gifts. You want to tell your bride to relax, enjoy the ride, and to remember to always take care of herself. This type of gift can come from anyone and will be much appreciated. Also, these are perfect for the bridal shower because they can be used on the wedding day and for pre-wedding primping. Some examples of this type of gift:

  • A just-for-the-bride robe or sweats
  • Slippers
  • A gift certificate for a massage
  • A gift certificate for a mani pedi
  • Bath salts, lotions, tanning oils
  • A gift card for something she is specifically interested in, such as Barnes and Nobles, Sephora, or a hobby shop.

And Maybe a Little Naughty

A gift that is always fun when it turns up is some longerai. If you don’t know the bride very well, this may not be the best idea, but it is great coming from a sister, the BFF, or a spunky aunt. Longerai can be found at places like wal-mart and target, but better quality longerai really does come from shops like Victoria Secret.

How to Throw a Green Bridal Shower

Posted by dostomel on Oct 11, 2013

So many themes and creative ways to throw a bridal shower, how can you choose just one? Well, if the bride to be is as committed to the environment as her fiancée than a green bridal shower is the perfect idea!

Invitations – Why waste paper when you can just send your invitations online? Evites are an easy way for you to keep count of RSVPs and allow you include all the details of your shower on one site. You can use sites like or If you really want to send physical invites, opt for recycled paper.

Guestbook – Instead of having a guestbook, ask everyone to sign a white matting in a large frame. It will be a memorable keepsake and can be used to display a formal wedding picture after the big day. And it won’t waste all that paper!

Favors – Flower seeds make a great favor for an eco-friendly shower. Attach a note asking each guest to plant the seeds in honor of the couple’s new life together. Or you can make your own handmade soaps with all natural ingredients!

Centerpieces – Consider using small pots of flowers or small trees as a centerpiece for each table. Play a game to decide on each table’s winner and ask them to plant the tree at their own homes.

Food – Serve locally grown produce that can be kept at room temperature like finger sandwiches or wraps. In addition, serve food and drinks on real plates and use real glassware. It make take more effort to clean, but the environment will thank you.

Creating Your Registry – Creating a registry can be as easy as 1, 2, 3, using Deposit a Gift. Deposit a Gift offers a simple and great way to create your bridal registry. You’ll save on shipping, returns, and products you just don’t need. You can personalize your site with your photos and themes. Just fill our your details, and you’re good to go!

Bridal Shower Picnic Style Shoot in North Carolina

Posted by Caitlin on Jun 14, 2013

We often forget about the events leading up to the wedding, especially the bridal shower. Why? Because you’re not supposed to plan it! You get to be the guest of honor as your closest female friends and family gather to girl-talk, eat and lavish you with gifts. Lately though, brides have been steering away from the age-old tradition and choosing their own steal-worthy theme. We love how this bridal shower is an interactive picnic. Guests were able to pick their blanket to sit on and basket to place their food in. It almost makes us want to take a trip down the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland. Grab a cup of tea, point your pinky and join this charming celebration: