A Pittsburgh Marriage of Culture

Posted by jwimer on Apr 01, 2013

Kavya and Adam were married on a gorgeous day at The Buhl Mansion with dual Indian and Western ceremonies featuring flower petal rangolis, a custom designed mandap and saris purchased by the bride in India.

Free Tools for Wedding Planning!

Posted by cfalk on May 25, 2011

I created this “Feelin’ Groovy” Wedding Inspiration Board at Style Me Pretty

The internet has created a whole new element to wedding planning. Hundreds of wedding networks, blogs and online magazines are available for ideas, DIY tutorials, and advice for your wedding planning and it’s all FREE! Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming, especially since there are SOO many options and SOO many different styles. The key to staying calm and stress-free is being able to quickly weed out the ideas and styles you know aren’t suited for you. For example, if you are a bride interested in having an eco-concious wedding, narrow your search and head over to Eco-Beautiful Weddings for plenty of eco-friendly ideas. If you want your wedding to have a vintage vibe, check out Ruffled or for very soft and feminine ideas,  Style Me Pretty. There are hundreds of other great sources out there to help guide you but try to narrow your search from the get go to sites that fit your personal style.

Film Inspired Wedding Board: Titanic

Posted by cfalk on May 12, 2011

Titanic is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and still want to watch it. The classic tale is romantic, tragic and true (well, some of it). I have collected some images that would create the look and feel of the wedding of Jack and Rose if they were to have been married today. I tried to keep the formal look and feel of the early 1900’s style but make it a bit more modern. As much as I love the “anything goes” attitude of today’s weddings, there is something to be said about very formal, very classy, very proper weddings. Formal attire, a refined attitude and rich decor really sets the level of importance for an event and makes it seem truly special.

Oh So Succulent!

Posted by cfalk on Apr 05, 2011

Succulents are a beautiful way to modernize your wedding. They can bring a bit of surprise to a very romantic bouquet or you can use all succulents and air plants for an ultra modern style. Succulents are low-water-craving plants and can be cut and replanted… making them the perfect flower for an Eco-conscious bride. If you are a DIY bride, make your own succulent centerpieces months in advance and have a stress free wedding!  To do this, grab any planter – wood, ceramic or glass – plant your favorite succulent varieties and be sure to fertilize every few weeks so they are nice and full for your wedding day (ask your local nursery for product info). Creating your own permanent arrangements is not only Eco-conscious but your guests will love  taking home a centerpiece that was made by you and that will last for years to come.

8 Questions Your Floral Designer Should Ask YOU

Posted by cfalk on Mar 25, 2011

Last week I posted 8 Questions to Ask Your Floral Designer. This week I am letting you know that there are 8 questions that your floral designer should be asking YOU! Of course, there are the obvious questions: date, time, location, number of bouquets, etc. However, there are certain questions that your floral designer should be inquiring about from you. A floral consultation is an interview for not only the bride but for the florist as well. Information is needed from both sides to have a successful outcome.

Here are the 8 questions that you should be ANSWERING: