Top Honeymoon Destinations in The Bahamas

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 28, 2012

When deciding on your honeymoon location, a lot of us just think that The Bahamas means Nassau/Paradise Island. But the 700 Islands Of The Bahamas are filled with world-class resorts, boutique hotels, and unique destinations.  Because there are so many places to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the most popular Bahamas honeymoon destinations to give you some insight into the endless options to fit your dream getaway as newlyweds.


The Exumas are an exotic collection of tiny jewels set in the most beautiful aquamarine and sapphire water you’ve ever imagined. Great Exuma Island, together with the Exuma Cays offer an amazing variety of honeymoon possibilities, from resorts and hotels with luxury amenities to hidden coves, you’ll feel as though you are newlyweds on your own private island.