Wedding shoes have gone from white to playful, and there is no better and more recognizable shoe than the red soled Christian Louboutins. At $500-$1000 a pair, they probably aren’t in most bride budgets. . .however TODAY Gilt Groupe is having a sale on Christian Louboutin’s! For those of you not familiar with Gilt, it is an online sample sale website which sells designer clothing at STEEP discounts! I expect to see Louboutin’s running through at $250 and below! The sale starts at noon today and runs for 48 hours. . .although I expect them to sell out within 24 hours. . .so shop fast!

The website is invite only, but click here to sign-up today!

Photo Credits: Saks, Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter

Imagine walking down the aisle in a gorgeous pair of shoes, and all of the amazing shoe photographs you will have! Yes, $250 may still be steep for some of you, but there is no better time to splurge than for your wedding day!

Some Buying Tips:

1) Louboutin’s tend to run at least a half size to full size small. . .so if you are typically a 7, order a 37.5 or 38!

2) After your wedding day the soles of your shoes will probably be scuffed, a visit to a good shoe store can fix this. High end shoe stores (and ebay!) carry red rubber soles which can be added to the bottoms of your shoes to keep the red looking vibrant for longer wear!

Now. . .for the urban wedding shoe myth. Some of you may have heard of a pair of wedding shoes by Christian Louboutin with a blue sole. . .but did these ever really exist?

Photo Credits: supposed photo of Christian Louboutin Blue Soled Shoe –

After calling the Christian Louboutin store in New York City, I was told that these no longer exist and cannot be special ordered. . .so I set off googling to find out if these shoes ever existed, or if they are just a wedding shoe myth. What I have found is that the blue soled Louboutin’s did in fact exist, but only for one season. They unfortunately had to stop producing the shoe due to some trademark infringement problems. It does appear that if you are willing to spend the money, there is a possibility of having some custom made, although the Christian Louboutin Brand seems to keep this very “hush hush.”

Another alternative is a cobbler in California, Master Cobbler, that can give you custom blue wedding soles for just $65! So visit the Gilt Groupe sale, buy your Louboutin’s and rush them to the Master Cobbler for your customized, blue soled Louboutins!

Good luck!