So many colors, so little time

Posted by Lauryn on Apr 27, 2009

Before you can really start planning your wedding there is one very important detail you have to make a decision about – your wedding colors! For some brides this may be easy, they may have had them picked out before the groom, but for others, choosing your wedding colors can be a stressful process. Well, I found a great tool that can help you select your colors!

Pantone Inc. is the worlds leading authority on color and provides color systems and selection to a range of industries world wide. I recently discovered a portion of their website called mood selector. The mood selector is meant to help pick out paint colors based on your personality traits or moods, but I thought this would also be a great way to select your wedding colors!

The way it works is that you go through a list of verbs and select words that describe how you want your wedding to feel. What words would you like others to use when describing your wedding? Once you are done selecting, click on the tab titled “your custom mood palette”. Here you will see all of the colors that relate to the words that you have chosen. Although you may have a random color here or there, chances are you will see a trend in your colors. For me, it was mostly shades of black, pink and purple, which is accurate because I want a black, white and pink wedding. . .but purple is my favorite color!


Good luck finding your own custom palette!