Seasonal Beauty Under Glass: Food Display Trend

Posted by jwimer on Jan 07, 2010

I am a firm believer that, for the most part, food is food.  Obviously some hands prepare and/or create it to a higher artistic level and competancy degree than others…but when it comes down to it, food is food.  Blasphemy, I know, coming from the mouth of a caterer.

But…let me follow that quickly by saying I am also a firm believer that beautifully displayed food inherently tastes better.  It elevates our senses in some way that intrinscally causes the tastes buds to connect with our vision.  One of the very popular trends in my industry is beautifully displayed food comprised of seasonal beauty or thematic decor under glass.

For example–recently for a corporate holiday party we placed multiple varieties of pine, fresh cranberries, and christmas bulbs under a 3 ft. x 8 ft. piece of glass and created a showy platform for our simply prepared organic food items.  Shrimp shots, eggnog shooters and a slate of artisanal cheeses instantly look more elegant and more delicious!



We have utilized this glass food display format for weddings, charity fundraisers, bridal fair displays and many other events, and the decor has been as varied as the locales and the seasons.  Last Spring we utilized some of our favorite organic elements– reindeer moss, natural sheet moss, angiapanthus, eggplant, red cabbage, ravel and rosine roses, natural ivy, green hydrangea and artichokes to create a stunning small plate salad station for a breast cancer fundraiser luncheon.  Our theme for the food was sustainable and organic to suit the healthy thrust of the event, and our Mesculan cranberry, apple, pecan salad martinis, Ceasar salad cosmos, and small plate Tomato Caprese salads were the stars of their organic stage.



This concept of a glass showcase for food can be morphed to fit any theme, decor or situation, and can even be utilized beyond food display for a stunning head table where the placesettings are atop the glass.  We have created specialty beverage stations in this format with green apples under glass to support the appletini stars.  One of my personal favorites was lemon, lime and orange fruits under glass to create an outdoor appetizer display for a citrus colored Summer wedding.  So much fun!  So unique!  and most of all…something to make your food SO much more elegant!