Pre-wedding weekend dichotomy

Posted by lilac on Jun 06, 2011

The Bachelorette Party:

Myself and a few friends are headed North to the closest “big city” for a weekend filled with a photo scavenger hunt, some pottery, possibly a movie (Bridesmaids, of course!), the traditional bar hop and an epic slumber party. This sounds amazing to me!

{photo from}

The Bachelor Party:

My groom and nearly every guy he knows are headed South to the country for a camping trip that includes four wheeling, target shooting, grilling, drinking and sleeping in tents. (As well as I’m told, burping, farting, not showering and all those things you can’t do around women)

...and there's a vodka watermelon involved somehow {photo from my iPhone}

So opposites attract right? We have planned and planned for so long that it’s great to kick back and enjoy some fun our style with our friends.

I enjoy that we aren’t basically doing the same thing as each other except in different places.