Personalizing Your Wedding!

Posted by csancho on Sep 28, 2010

The best way to ensure that the happiest day of your life really is the best/most memorable day of your life is to PERSONALIZE it!  I am sure you have heard it numerous times, but really personalizing your wedding day celebration is the best way to set your day apart from all the rest.  When you make things more personalized, they will be unique and different to your guests and most importantly, they will mean twice as much to you.  Here are a few tips/ideas to consider helping you personalize your wedding.

1. Invitations

The first introduction that people are going to see of your wedding are going to be your invitations, so let’s start here.  The invitation is your first chance to introduce your event—including items such as color, motif, and overall style.  This will allow your guests with a wonderful first impression of what is to come.  Think a little beyond simply just the color scheme or theme of your invites.  Go a step further and include a map of the location where you are getting married/reception and personalize it.  Use cute illustrations indicating where different events such as a pre-party golfing event or bridesmaid luncheon will take place.  If you are getting married in a city that happens to be very personal to you (example: where you and your fiancé met, went to school, grew up etc.) include pictures and arrows of your favorite spots throughout the city (park where we had our first kiss or restaurant of our first date).  Your guests will enjoy these adorable little side notes that will bring a smile to their face and create some excitement for your big day.  You can also include notes on favorite bars, parks, restaurants etc.  for those guests that might be making a mini vacation out of it and staying in town for a weekend or so.

2. Menu

Another great way to allow your personality it through your menu selections.  Cupcakes have been an extremely popular and favorable choice to include on the menu at your reception these days.  Take advantage of food to also incorporate your wedding day colors into them.  For example M&Ms or cocktails allow you to choose options that can show off those colors.  If you come from a family of rich culture and have a special kind of dish that you would like to incorporate, do it!  People love trying new things and it is a perfect opportunity for them to try a dish they on any other normal circumstances might not try.

Treats such as chocolate chip cookies, small candies, mini ice creams or cupcakes make for good end of the night snacks to have available for your guests to munch on as they take a break from the dance floor.  Small candies or M&M’s are always better monogrammed!

3. First Dance/Music

One of my personal favorite ways to show off even more of your personality is through music!  I am a huge country music gal, so it is only obvious that I am going to have all my favorite country songs playing all night long.  Of course I would be sure to include various other music genres to ensure that all my guests could enjoy the night as much as I would.  Also for all you country-music lovers like myself, choosing a choreographed two-step dance for your first dance is absolutely adorable and your guests would love it.   Okay enough with the country, for those of you with differing musical tastes; really try to incorporate them into the reception part of your wedding.  When picking your first dance song, be sure to take your time choosing.  The song of your first dance says a lot about the couple and often times either tells a story, or has some kind of personal meaning behind it.  Maybe it is the first song you two heard on your first date, or it was a song you two danced to at your first high school homecoming dance or maybe it is just a song that when it comes on the radio, you both just can’t help but smile and think of one another.

4. Vows

What better way to personalize your wedding than to personalize the promises you make to one another.  This being said, there are some restrictions in some houses of worship that might now allow for this kind of personalization.  If you are unable to rewrite your vows consider maybe including your personal promises to each other maybe in the wedding program or on place cards of some sort at the tables of your reception or slide shows.  Think about special poems, quotes, inside jokes to help you personalize these promises.

5. Party Favors/Place Cards/Scrapbooks

One final way to bring out the personal touch in your wedding is through party favors, place cards, or scrapbooks.  My personal favorite party favor is mini photo albums that your guests can take home and add pictures to.  Add a few pictures of you and your fiancé in the beginning of the photo album and some details of the wedding celebration and then leave throw away cameras on each table for guests to take pictures throughout the reception and then have them leave the cameras on the tables for you to develop.  This way your guests will have a personalized photo album to help the remember the fun they had on your big day.

***personalizing how-to: Having trouble making it personal?  Think about you and your fiancé’s heritage, hometowns, or activities you both enjoy together.  Attire, music, cocktails, food, traditions, thank you gifts—these are all items involved in your wedding celebration that can really allow you to show your personality.